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Wise project management approach is the key to efficient task solving and business goals achievement. The well-structured system of management and flexible process development strategy will make sure your app is effective and productive.

Collaboration setup

Partnering up with Modsen you get access to vital business improvement options. Our skill and competence allow you to broaden your company horizons transferring your business goals up to the next level.


Custom app development, investment payback, leading positions on the market


Deep and profound analysis of the niche, evaluation of the development prospects, suitable solutions









Profound immersion and flexibility to project, relevant team


Trendy frameworks, an extensive tech stack, and high-profile developer engineers


Scalable apps, safety of the development process, round-the-clock support


Effective methodologies, transparent cooperation, top-level quality results


Modsen team employs innovative Agile approaches to project management. The methodology has proved itself as a powerful means of adaptive, evolving, and scalable teamwork guiding tool. Following the Agile approach principles, we improve the development process quality and speed, enhancing the business effects.

High-end professionals

Modsen team qualifications allow them to manage the development process and implement effective solutions. The intra-team cooperation is direct and well-coordinated.

Product focus

We prefer to avoid excessive paperwork and focus on product development instead. Our team creates the most appropriate conditions to allow our clients to start benefiting from their products as soon as possible.

Customer support

Tight customer cooperation during product development makes the whole process a lot easier. We discuss all the relevant issues and introduce changes instantly.

Process transparency

Any product development stage is open for amendments. Since the process is transparent, our team can implement changes and add corrections without losing time and resources, reducing risks to the minimum.

Agile methodology

The following Agile approaches can be efficiently implemented for projects of any type and scale.

Scrum methodology


The well-defined goals and project objectives are achieved by small teams of 10 developer professionals. Scrum-master leads the project and controls tackling of all the emerging issues. We graphically fix all the product requirements and priorities in the backlog, and after that plan sprints for the tasks. The team discusses the project during daily meet-ups and implements the necessary adjustments or corrections on any of the following development stages. Coherence, true engagement, transparency, and flexibility of the product development are on the top-notch level.
Kanban methodology


In this case, we visualize all the processes. The project’s evolution and development are vivid to all the participants, which allows us to enhance planning and analysis. The methodology is universal and applicable for any project type. Kanban tools make it simple to fix, discuss, evaluate and delegate the ongoing project tasks.

Interaction stages

We offer clear and transparent development process stages regardless of the project we are going to implement. Each cooperation phase is accompanied by key data exchange to provide the best results. Project development stages can be easily scaled according to the client’s requests. In any case, interaction with Modsen will be clear, transparent, timely, and professional.

Request processing
  • task description
  • business needs identification
  • requirements analysis
  • introduction to the issues
  • primary information collection for comprehensive project analysis and evaluation
Analysis and evaluation
  • relevant project data delivery
  • description of functionality and future product specificity
  • reviewing the existing solutions to your problem
  • evaluation of the development labor input
Project discussion
  • analysis evaluation
  • discussion of the Modsen-suggested solutions
  • reasoning of the suggested solutions and tools for their implementation
  • consideration of alternative solutions as a result of discussions
Project approval
  • approval of the final project draft
  • a detailed final project draft presentation
  • compiling of the final project plan
Team building
  • project team candidates’ approval
  • identification of the interaction and results monitoring format
  • selection of the relevant candidates for the project
  • building a full team for quality project development
  • project processes planning
  • development stages monitoring
  • results approval
  • accountability during the project development
  • deadlines monitoring
  • adjustments introduction and work optimization during the development
  • testing and final results presentation
Tech support
  • requests on product improvement, consultations, or scaling
  • support of the functionality and app performance
  • instant communication on all the emerging questions
  • swift team building for introduction of the necessary adjustments and scaling
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Engagement models

When it comes to cooperation, Modsen provides a custom approach based on the volume of your tasks, requirements, and product scaling plans. These factors help us choose the appropriate engagement model that indicates the level of team product immersion, deadlines, payment terms, and key project management details.

Time & resources
Project Team
Project duration
short to average
average to long
Product type
Customer’s engagement level

Business partnership

We are sure that successful projects are built on a professional, open, and transparent approach. Creating convenient cooperation terms for our clients is our top priority.

Process transparency

You have full access to all the project development data throughout the process, and the option to request current stage status, taking control over the product building together with the team.


Our cooperation focuses on agility which makes change integration fast and seamless. We instantly react to your requests, analyze the new data and provide ways of painless project adjustment.

Individual approach

200+ successful product launches allow us to speak the client’s language. Our team can easily assess the prospects of any company regardless of its size or background to suggest quality solutions for achieving business objectives.

Risk minimization

Our expertise allows us to set up the project correctly, choose the right management methodology and a clear cooperation model, eliminating investment risks and project implementation delays.

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