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Here at Modsen, we're ready to enliven any of your boldest web-development ideas. Whether it is an operationally simple service or a complex web resource, our team's bound to provide you with a perfect result. We build back-end from scratch following your tech task right from choosing the technologies and designing the architecture to customizing admin panels and adding real-time features.

Modsen back-end experience

Passion for software engineering united with skill and expertise are the key reasons why we stand out in the market. Here is what such an approach results in.

Impressive Project-Building Expertise

Modsen has accumulated vast software design experience based on our clients’ requirements. We have already built dozens of various mobile, cloud, and web platforms customized according to the needs of particular businesses.

Top-Notch Software Engineers

Our team designs the whole architecture process, builds its operating logic, and provides an in-depth project working algorithms overview. The profound back-end tools expertise allows us to create efficient, high-speed, reliable, and scalable software code.

Complex Web-Development Approach

We implement projects of any scale and complexity level. The choice of technology, tools, and strategy is defined on a case-by-case basis, according to unique final product specs, complexity, functionality, and client's needs.

Modsen back-end stack


Node JS

Node technology makes it possible to add the back-end part to the front-end, creating not only websites but full-fledged browse-free apps. The architecture is carefully thought through to avoid scalability complications using Node.js.

Java Spring

Java Spring presents an enhanced opportunity to test the product, try out the declarative programming style using Java annotations to shorten the app code length and simplify product development and support.


The framework allows to achieve exceptional app performance and streamline the development process without losing on quality. Convenient architecture and clear code will make your software product agile and adaptive.


Python has been one of the most popular programming languages over the past several years. It features simple coding, helpful support, versatility, and scalability. It is a flexible, fast, and powerful tool that everybody can use.

Giving a helping hand to
of any kind

The rich and varied Modsen experience in back-end development makes us ready to work with clients from various domains. We are up to creating the product that will make your company more responsive, robust, and competitive.

Back-end development experience with Modsen

Curious to know the first-hand clients` feedback about our custom software development service? Here you go.

software development process

Process Transparency

You are welcome to monitor each stage of software development progress. We do the product testing, ensure the code workability and provide you with detailed reports on all the product development stages.
project software analysis

Complex Analysis

Our experts take a profound look into the work of servers that receive and process front-end user queries.Our teamwill have no difficulty building an app or a program considering the peculiarities of a specific server, from which software is to be downloaded.
custom backend development approach

Tailor-Made Approach

The choice of the tech, coding languages, and work approaches is defined individually for each case according to its specifics, complexity level, preset features, and client's needs.
backend development deadlines

Great Terms

We provide customized and efficient solutions for every client based on given individual budgetary limits.
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