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Spring is the most popular Java framework structure that aids your project developer engineers to focus on key business tasks, cutting the time of code setup due to a number of convenient layers of a dependency container.

Spring framework for your project

The skillset of our Modsen expert team allows us to face the challenges timely and effectively. We are familiar with the difficulties Java developers and companies might encounter while building their products.

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In-house Developer Team Booster

Years of app-building experience have shown that profound knowledge of the Java Spring framework structure is a must. Modsen is ready to share expertise and strengthen your in-house team with our top-notch developer experts.
Custom java spring software solutions

Customized App Development

The Java Spring ecosystem makes it possible to create navigable and functional applications in no time. Watch your business tasks being solved clearly, quickly, and effectively.

Java Spring tech

Modsen makes active use of the open-source Java platform. We employ its modules and extensions while developing Java applications of any kind or creating web apps on top of Java EE platform.

Inversion of Control

Inversion Of Control

Java DataBase Connectivity

Java DataBase Connectivity

Object-Relational Mapping

Object-Relational Mapping



Remote Method Invocation

Remote Method Invocation

Spring Security

Spring Security









High-quality Java development within Spring Framework

The wide and varied spectrum of industries together with extensive all-size project development experience and expertise makes our engineers indispensable for quality product building. We create a flexible and transparent app development framework that helps avoid confusion and errors, getting your product ready just on time.

Top-notch Experts For Your Project Development

We make sure our clients’ applications are developed by the best developer engineers or their in-house teams are scaled by true programmers aces. Experience the full hands-on process of candidate selection and watch them build the perfect product.

Free-of-charge Project Evaluation And Consulting

Our team will dive into your project and provide unique ideas for further development. As soon as we reach the common product vision - we get the ball rolling.

Transparent And Flexible Process

Modsen is focused on the detailed project and cooperation plan development before launching the process. Real-time reports on current task implementation and the ability to add timely adjustments are the pillars of our collaboration strategy.

Deadline Compliance

We know the cost of your time. All the deadlines are strictly monitored by our team to prevent any possible product quality losses. Launch your application as planned and get the profits from business scaling with no delay.
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Get the framework benefits from Modsen

Spring framework evolution makes application writing easier without losing in functionality, the convenience of use, and handling of the most complex business tasks.

java spring modules

Module-based Organization

The diversity of modules, their packages, and classes is a vast one. Yet, with the right organizational structure, developers use only those they need without being tied to others.
java spring development testing

Convenient Testing

Spring framework environment has the code that relies on this ecosystem only. With the help of POJO objects, JavaBean style can simplify the integration of dependencies to deploy test data.
java spring framework

MVC Web Framework

Based on HTTP and servlets, the framework contains a multitude of settings and scalability options. It is a high-quality alternative to more complex and less popular web frameworks.
java spring transaction management

Coherent Interface

Transaction management can be transformed to either local or scaled up to global depending on your needs.
java spring object linkage

Object Linkage

Automated object linkage allows you to reduce the amount of code while determining the component dependencies.
java spring architecture

Future App Framing

The definite application architecture is essential to build in the functionality that will represent the business logic of your product.

Integrate Java Spring Framework to upgrade your business and strengthen your in-house expertise!

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