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Integrate light and efficient Node.js development solutions and welcome top-notch Modsen engineers into your project. Having extensive experience under their belt, they will make use of the technology to build successful products of any size and scale.

Collaboration models for Node.js projects

Create new apps of any scale, improve the existing software or boost your in-house developer team with Modsen Node.js experts.

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Custom Node.js Application Development

We will find solutions for cases of any scale and benefit your project with our expert knowledge. Updating and scaling of existing products or creating high-quality custom apps using a variety of frameworks - all of that and more is within our focus area.
Custom node js software solutions

Strengthening Your Node.js Team

Boost the level of project development expertise by scaling up your in-house engineer team. Modsen developer experts will integrate seamlessly into a project, making their professionalism work for the benefit of your product.

Node.js technologies we employ

Modsen tech stack includes a wide ecosystem of cutting-edge Node.js components, technologies, and frameworks. Unlimited opportunities and a flexible system of various modules application will allow you to work effectively with the code you already have.










Transparent project development process

We have made the cooperation process highly convenient. Modsen team will carefully listen to your ideas and suggest our conceptual vision of the project realization, building a well-defined partnership plan.

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Free Consultations

Share your ideas and get the project development scripts from our experts or choose the candidates to boost your in-house project quality level.
custom node js software solutions

Solutions For Everyone

Modsen has wide experience and profound expertise in custom solution development. We focus on satisfying unique client needs whatever complex they might be.
node js software development approach

Flexible Approach

Modsen team is packed with top-notch specialists to handle all the ongoing project development tasks: from team formation to real-time consultations and application adjustments.
quality node js software development

High Product Quality

Due to maximum project immersion, attention to business details, and high-end developer expertise, Modsen ensures the safety, convenience, and efficiency of the final product.
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Get a free individual consultation

Leave your email and wait for our specialists to get in touch for a detailed project consultation.

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Get the NODE.JS benefits from Modsen

A number of successful ventures, including Paypal, LinkedIn, Uber, Yahoo, have already switched to Node.js.

node js Codebase unity

Codebase Unity

The unity ensures a more transparent data dispatch and synchronization between server and client code, keeping the original code clean and consistent. Apart from app agility, it cuts time for product development and support.
NodeJS performance and scalability

High Performance And Scalability

NodeJS compiles JavaScript into machine code instead of interpreting it. Due to such an approach, NodeJS becomes swift, which is indispensable for the development of scalable applications.
well-organized node js synchronization

Real-time Cooperation

The well-organized synchronization process allows us to support millions of your product users simultaneously.
node js launching

Faster Launching

Notably, Node.js allows using the code repeatedly on all the levels, including browser, server part, and database level.
node js software project cost

Cost Optimization

Since the majority of developer engineers are already accustomed to JavaScript, they know the basics, which makes Node.js skill development a quick and easy task. Your overall project development costs will be significantly reduced without losing in quality.
node js Architecture and support

Architecture Update And Support

Given its high scalability capacity and lightness, NodeJS is a fave of microservice architectures. It means that they divide an app into isolated and independent services, contributing to simple update and development support.

Success Stories

Take a look at our projects and get inspired to develop yours.

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