Infrastructure as a service

Infrastructure as a service
Senior Modsen engineers are here to help you optimize your resources by renting reliable server hosting to launch functional apps or OSs. We’ll eliminate the need for a physical data processing center and cut the time for data servicing, support, and updating by introducing IaaS solutions for your business.

IaaS business scenarios implementation

We are ready to build and integrate custom IaaS scenarios of any complexity to solve your relevant business challenges. Entrust the task to professionals with extensive experience in IaaS implementation for dozens of all-scale projects.

Storage, backup, and recovery

Storage, backup and recovery

Our expert team will provide you assistance in simplification of planning and management of backup and recovery systems. Processing of demand surges and growing data storage needs are monitored and solved according to relevant resource requests.

Development and testing

Development and testing

Launching a new product into the market, Modsen team creates the conditions for quick setting and disassembly of the testing environment during the new app development. The renewed software will benefit from a shorter time to market.

Data migration

Data migration

We’ll implement the fastest and the least costly approach for an app or workflow Cloud migration. As a result, you’ll increase the scope and performance of your software, improve its security and reduce launch expenses.

Modsen IaaS services quick facts


Developing projects for 20+ business industries


years of IaaS services delivery


Only senior-level engineers


project KPI implementation

Uncover the full potential of IaaS

Modsen customers’ feedback makes it clear that DevOps scenario integration significantly boosts business performance, increases app productivity on average by 67%, and ensures agile and robust software operation.

Continuity and business recovery

Modsen experts will ensure a high level of business accessibility and continuity. Become the owner of a capacious resource that guarantees the swift emergency recovery of active operation.

Scale and performance

Our IaaS solutions allow businesses to scale up their capacity and handle resource demand surges. Provide your employees with the IT-resources from anywhere in the world and level up the productivity of your software.


Modsen team possesses the required certificates for Cloud services provision and ensures guaranteed safety of your app data.

Resource optimization

We eliminate the expenses spent on physical data processing center setup expenses and its management. The tariffication we use while delivering IaaS solutions helps us reduce the equipment cost and its servicing, allowing your in-house team to focus more on priority tasks.

Data stability and safety

Forget about the need to support and update your software or fix equipment issues. We guarantee the stability and security of your infrastructure and its compliance with SLA regulations.
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Modsen as IaaS provider

Dozens of successfully developed software products for all-scale businesses from 20+ industries gave us the experience, vital for tackling any project regardless of its complexity. The level of expertise we’ve gained over the years allowed us to create a unique agile approach to developing impeccable customer cooperation conditions.

In-depth analysis of customer requirements

Our team will carefully study the current state of infrastructure to make sure of adequate access to the data that will be stored on the servers. We’ll take into account relevant requirements concerning the types of storage, level of productivity, and the necessary amount of space.

Security and quality of storage

Data security comes as a top priority when we select cloud services and cloud service providers for our customers. Safe data encryption, certification, compliance with all the standards and regulations as well as secure server workloads are ensured by the dedicated Modsen DevOps team.

Guaranteed data recovery

In case of an emergency failover of your server or website at the virtual machine level, we’ll connect features and options for emergency data recovery and keep it safe and secure.

Agility of resources

Our partners can always opt for extending their IaaS scenarios capacity, scaling up the functionality and server space in accordance with the relevant needs of their apps and data volume. We promptly respond to emerging business environment changes and can help our partners do so.