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Competition and the high pace of modern business development require companies to be flexible and respond to change as fast as possible. Being one of the key DevOps practices, CI/CD allows to quickly and safely deploy software and make the necessary adjustments without delay.

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CI/CD methodology for our

Depending on the client strategy, we employ the 3 separate code amendment approaches that enable software scaling and improvement of its current functionality.

CI/CD delivery and deployment

Uninterrupted Delivery And Deployment

After introducing adjustments and running code tests, we begin to deploy the software. Code deployment takes place following each integration. The methodology ensures a high-quality automated process that doesn’t require human supervision.

CI/CD  integration

Continuous Integration

With the help of CI functionality, we can create scripts for automated code assembly and testing after the repository changes. In such a way, the code is updated on a regular basis. Each adjustment is tested separately, integrated into the general software code, and then is tested as a whole.

CI/CD work process

Basic CI/CD Work Process

Using the Review Apps tool, we can have the changes preview and see how the code will be processed in the present environment. Then the developer team runs the code through the assembly, testing, and deployment stages. After that, it goes to production with an option of quick rollback upon necessity.

Efficient custom app development and follow-up

Modsen team helps our clients surpass their competitors. We have already launched 200+ successful projects, growing the loyalty and retention of all-size businesses from a variety of industries.

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CI/CD methodology benefits from Modsen

You might have certain arguments in favor of traditional software development approaches. But our team would like to broaden the picture of modern technologies that allow us to improve the code quality and ensure fast feature deployment for the benefit of your apps’ end-users.

CI/CD benefit

Customer Experience

We build applications, not for the fact of new technologies implementation but to improve service delivery to your end-users. The ability to introduce changes quickly and qualitatively allows us to respond swiftly to your client`s requests.
CI / CD integration

Team Communication

The complexity of interaction between team members and lack of transparency is one of the main obstacles on the way to reaching company development goals. CI / CD integration prevents teams` competition and responsibility shift attempts when a bug pops up.
CI / CD Code quality

Code Quality

The development of a convenient and agile app is impossible without high-quality code. CI / CD conveyor ensures testing reliability, which is a prerequisite for the top-notch final code value.
CI / CD servicing

Easy Servicing

App development shouldn’t stop after the product launch. Apart from the described advantages of the methodology flexibility, the code is updated outside peak workload hours. It decreases the number of deployment issues.
CI / CD Cost optimization

Cost Optimization

Process automation allows developer engineers to save time on code support and delivery. In such a way, you cut the outsource costs and optimize your in-house team resources.

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Modsen CI/CD integration

Despite the cutting-edge nature of the described approach, our team has already had a chance to work on CI/CD integration projects to build unique custom apps for our clients. A clearly structured process is what helps us deliver the best quality results.

CI / CD  development process

Transparent Cooperation

As soon as we get your confirmation on the plan structure of CI / CD integration, we immerse into the process, providing you with timely development reports. After a detailed analysis of your task, we share our expert opinion and the draft project plan on a pro bono basis.
CI / CD  development flexibility

Flexible Terms

We provide our clients with an opportunity to deviate from the original plan if necessary. Modsen team ensures the swift query response and readiness to discuss all the project amendments to achieve its maximum business goal compliance.
CI / CD  development deadlines

Development Time

You can be sure to have your project ready right on time even if we decide to step away from the original CI / CD integration plan. Timely product launch is our priority. There’s no room for procrastination.
CI / CD Tech support

Tech Support

The cooperation can’t stop right after the product launch. In-depth consultations, tech support, and all the necessary adjustments stay within our scope of responsibilities. Modsen engineers are always in touch, ready to support your desire to grow and operate with no mistakes.

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