Infrastructure as a service

Benefit from the opportunity to optimize your resources by renting reliable servers for safe application and software launch. Modsen team will help you eliminate the need to manually single out physical servers for data processing and prevent you from wasting time on their servicing, support, and updating.

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IaaS business-script

Our team will arrange the custom script implementation to ensure targeted handling of relevant business issues. You can count on the experience of Modsen professionals who perceive each project as a personal challenge with a high level of responsibility.

IAAS Data migration

Data Migration

Our team implements the quickest and most cost-effective way of the app or workload cloud migration. Due to such an approach, you can increase the scale and performance, improve safety and lessen app or software workload launch costs.

IAAS  Testing and development

Testing And Development

Before a product launch, we create the perfect conditions for quick setup and analysis of test environment during the product development process, boosting the time of new software launching.

IAAS  Data storage

Data Storage, Backup & Restoration

Modsen team will simplify backup systems planning, management, and restoration. Handling of unpredictable demand and processing of growing data storage needs are monitored and implemented according to relevant resource queries.

IaaS script realization for your business

The good news is that Modsen team can employ infrastructure as a service architecture for any possible business industry. Dozens of our clients have already integrated the technology and made a huge leap forward, bringing their business goals closer.

IaaS solution for your business industry

IaaS user benefits from Modsen

Client feedback makes it clear that the decision to integrate DevOps script into their businesses brought nothing but a 67% performance improvement and provided agile and stable app functioning.

IAAS Continuity and fallback recovery

Continuity And Fallback Recovery

To ensure the best level of accessibility, continuity of business processes, and swift fallback recovery large resources are indispensable. SLA IaaS can help you reduce such expenses.
IAAS Scalability and performance

Scalability And Performance

Infrastructure as a service architecture allows you to scale up to a global level and deal effectively with resource demand surges. With IaaS, you can promptly provide IT resources to employees from any part of the world and increase the software performance figures.
IAAS development safety


Modsen team employs the relevant cloud service agreements and guarantees the safety of your data and applications.
IAAS Cost optimization

Cost Optimization

Modsen allows you to avoid the physical data center setup and management expenses. The tariffs we use in IaaS delivery cut the cost of equipment and its servicing as well as let us focus on top-priority tasks.
IAAS Data stability and security

Data Stability And

There’s no need to support and update software or tackle equipment issues. We ensure the reliability of your infrastructure and its compliance with SLA agreements.

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Modsen as IaaS provider

Dozens of successfully implemented projects for all-size companies from 25+ diverse business industries have made us ready to handle any case with maximum quality and passion.

IAAS client requirements’ analysis

Detailed Client Requirements’ Analysis

Our team takes a profound look into the current client infrastructure state to make sure that the data which will be stored on servers can be accessed efficiently. We will take into account the relevant requirements to storage types, performance levels, and the necessary space volume.
IAAS Data safety and storage quality

Data Safety And Storage Quality

In case of failover at the level of the virtual machine of your website or server, we turn on the functions and options for emergency recovery of all the data that will always be saved and secured.
IAAS Resource agility

Resource Agility

Our clients are always able to expand IaaS scripts opportunities, scale-up functionality, and server volume according to the relevant apps and data size requirements. Modsen promptly responds to the change together with the client.
IAAS Guaranteed data recovery

Guaranteed Data Recovery

In case of emergency switching at the virtual machine level or at the website level, we will activate emergency data recovery functions and options that are designed to reliably protect and secure your data.

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