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The best way to improve the orchestration architecture of your corporate system is to combine the interacting services. Such automation will improve the speed and quality of feedback on your software requests.

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Our company provides you with an opportunity to make use of unique options and methods of service orchestration. Modsen orchestration solutions improve process organization and exponentially enhance the quality of your services.

Orchestration and automation platforms

Orchestration And Automation Platforms

Build a convenient route to new online portals via a web browser or a mobile app. A user will be able to launch several request scripts and get quick feedback due to wisely structured interaction processes.

Workload automation

Workload Automation

A means of managing your IT resources and infrastructure in real-time. In case of traffic load surges, the orchestration tool will provide you with the necessary servers for even load distribution.

Container orchestration

Container Orchestration

A relevant solution for improving your business agility. Need to transform your company into a virtual office? We will prepare and set the containers to ensure seamless remote access to employees’ company desktops.

Services orchestration for your industry

The solution is especially relevant for industries that employ complex interaction chains and branched architecture of user query scripts.
We have already tamed complex query logic for the benefit of dozens of our clients.

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Benefits of Modsen services orchestration

Orchestration process building is not only a prerequisite for your business development but a must to keep up with competitors. Modsen team will help you effectively manage containers and micro-services that encompass all the stack levels and require high-quality coordination between several domains in multi-cloud environments.

Improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Improved Efficiency And Cost-effectiveness

Our team will help you automate and manage a reduced volume of resources manually. Service automation allows developer engineers to optimize their time and focus on top-priority tasks.
Enhanced SLA

Enhanced SLA

Get a single spot where you’ll be able to check and test the emerging delays, over expenditures, deficiencies, and IT department failures. Cut the testing time and reserve resources to make sure the critical SLA working processes are completed in time.
Speedlight development

Speedlight Development

Our team will help you decrease the time on service integration and delivery from months to minutes. Flexible planning and automated service management are the keys to boosting your business processes.


Get an opportunity to connect to dozens of app ecosystems and coordinate workloads in multi-cloud environments from various providers.

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Modsen cooperation

Our team has helped dozens of companies automate and optimize their in-house resources to make businesses improve performance and reduce unnecessary expenditures. Wise integration of various service orchestration solutions is possible due to:

Orchestration individual approach

Individual Approach

Each of our clients has a unique business story and often requires nontrivial solutions for successful cooperation. Modsen team will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business and put forward effective ideas on automation and optimization of all your internal processes.
Orchestration favorable cooperation terms

Favorable Cooperation Terms

The individual approach allows us to suggest the solutions that are designed specifically for your cause. No excesses, no conveyor-belt approach. You will get a detailed development plan based on analysis and recover your investments in no time.
Orchestration service quality

Service Quality

Certified Modsen DevOps experts have years of experience under their belts. They’ve faced a variety of projects and products of any scale, studied dozens of diverse business industry ecosystems. Such a background allows them to find the best solution with 100% guaranteed quality results.
Orchestration client support

Client Support

If you will ever need to improve or scale the capacity of your previous solutions, our team is always ready for the challenge. We are a click away, prepared to solve any task to open up new horizons for your business.

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