Orchestration service

Continuous integration, deployment, and delivery
Modsen engineers are ready to build an effective workflow management architecture for your corporate system by uniting the interacting services under one roof. The automation incorporated by our team will level up the speed and quality of feedback on your software requests.

Modsen service orchestration solutions

Make use of the unique service orchestration tools and techniques within your business. Modsen orchestration expertise is the key element for improving your processes management and giving a considerable boost to the quality of your services.

Orchestration platform

Orchestration and automation platforms

We build convenient routes to new online portals through a web browser or smartphone app. Allow your app users to run multiple query scripts and promptly get the necessary data due to well-structured interaction processes.

Workflow automation

Workflow automation

Our team of professionals competently employ this means of IT resources and infrastructure management in real-time. In case of traffic surges, the orchestration tool provides the necessary servers for even load distribution.

Container orchestration

Container orchestration

We employ the most relevant solutions for increasing the agility of your business. If someday you’ll need to move the company into a virtual office, we’ll set up and prepare containers for seamless online access.

Modsen orchestration services key facts


successfully completed projects


Senior-level engineer with relevant experience


Building projects for 20+ business industries

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Active development phase launch within 1 week

Why go for service orchestration with Modsen

The development of a premium-quality orchestration process is imperative for active business growth. Our team of experts will help you effectively manage containers and microservices that cover all stack levels and qualitatively coordinate a number of domains in multi-cloud environments.

Improved efficiency and cost optimization

Modsen team provides assistance in automation and secure manual management of the reduced amount of your resources. Service automation will free up your in-house developers’ time and focus on more priority tasks.

Enhanced SLA

You’ll have a single place to turn to in case of delays, overspending, bugs, or IT-department failures. Reserve your resources and ensure the timely implementation of all the working processes critical for SLA.

Time-effective development

Our engineers can significantly shorten the time for service incorporation and delivery from months to minutes by employing agile projecting methods and automated service management.


Get a chance to connect to dozens of app ecosystems and manage your workflow loads in multi-cloud environments from various providers.
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Develop and improve your in-house business workflow by creating a single efficient service orchestration mechanism.

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Orchestrate your services with Modsen

We’ve helped dozens of companies to automate and optimize their in-house resources to improve performance and cut excessive expenses. Our team ensures proper incorporation of orchestration solutions based on:

Agile methodology

Agile methodologies

We employ the best Scrum and Kanban practices on our projects. The development process is made absolutely transparent and productive, with each stage of it being strictly supervised.

Software development experience

Relevant experience

Your product will be developed by engineers having extensive experience in building similar applications. Our team operatively navigates through ongoing business tasks and suggests effective tools for their implementation.

Transparent development control

Transparent monitoring

Our experts will provide the most convenient and effective way for your project team’s progress to be monitored in real-time. Get a full detailed picture of the development process.

Resource development optimization

Convenient communication

Modsen engineers can boast a balanced combination of unique technical and advanced communicative skills, which makes the cooperation process smooth, transparent, and highly effective.

Development culture and values

Shared culture

Our specialists share your corporate values and business philosophy, thus their incorporation will go seamlessly. Modsen team is eager to support any of your ideas and help your in-house specialists to put them into practice in a professional and responsible manner.

Convenient development communication

Open cooperation

Aside from conducting thorough technical interviews with our engineers before assigning them to a certain project, we offer our partners a free 15-day trial period during our first cooperation experience.