AI-Based Logistics Platform

Logistics platform
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Multi-operator IoT app managing the interaction between shippers, freight brokers, and transport operators.

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AI-based software with the extended user toolbar.

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Tech stack

Angular, Java, Spring, AWS, Python, MySQL.


A West European service for collaboration in the logistics industry. The company provides services to key industry representatives and assists in organizing convenient long-route transportation processes.


Our client made it critical to unite shippers, transport operators, and freight brokers in one platform. The final goal was to make the delivery process transparent and convenient and gather all interested parties on one platform As we all know, the logistics industry comprises plenty of complicated operations - paperwork, transportation, inventory management, etc. To produce a quality combination of all details our team was challenged to develop a truly groundbreaking solution:

  • An easy-to-use mobile platform uniting all parties involved in the freight transportation process;
  • Extensive functionality and necessary tools for each user;
  • Well-thought-out solutions for sensible organization of order and shipment management;
  • Big data processing, its combination in one place;
  • Control, reporting, and performance history of particular deals.
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IoT app
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The project was highly gripping as it contained the development of a cutting-edge, robust IoT app with the use of AI technology.

The Modsen team found this challenge enticing and coped with it following the client's wishes. During product development, our specialists were also sharing their perspectives and innovative ideas enhancing the original idea.

During the project realization, our team managed to achieve the following goals:

  • AI-driven delivery cost prediction based on 50+ parameters;
  • In-depth control of the delivery process – tracking departure, movement graphics, pop-up notifications with the freight information;
  • Real-time shipment tracking;
  • App adaptation for mobile devices;
  • Full automation of document management;
  • User-friendly information search within the app and functional messenger in the mobile app.


After comprehensive testing and full implementation of the mobile app, the product was ready for usage in 2 weeks only. Since the platform was launched, the client has experienced the following effects:

  • At the moment, the app encompasses 17 000 active users and 500+ clients, logistics companies;
  • The broad framework of the app allows to find the most beneficial and suitable business partners;
  • AI-based price optimization gives users detailed information on supply and demand, which makes it possible to conduct a quality analysis and make informed decisions.

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