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Provide web-based desk booking solution

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Build a responsive application for efficient workspace management

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Tech stack

React, React Styled Components, Graphql, Lerna, Babel, Webpack, Lodash


Since COVID-19 has turned the understanding of workspace upside down, IT companies realized the inefficiency of renting large office spaces for their teams as they stay unused. On the other hand, booking a smaller office, they risk failing to comply with the social distancing rule. Our client is a medium-sized American IT company that specializes in building software solutions and is willing to find new workspace management options.


The prime target of our project is to provide the customer with a web-based application for quick and convenient desk booking. Any member of the team should be able to book a desk for a certain period of a day to ward off overcrowding. Such a workspace management option helps companies avoid extra rent spending and lets them book a certain number of desks, according to the preferable type of co-working. The web application has to be supported by a broker who supervises the booking process, adds new office spaces into the catalog, schedules office tours, and gives users a hand in case of difficulty.

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To solve the case, our team went for React Styled Components, Graphql, Lerna, and other technologies to create an efficient and responsive application that helps companies take care of their employees during COVID-19. Our web-based app offers flexible desk booking solutions for employers in San Francisco, New York, and a number of other key cities in the US and around Europe. The solution is based on the sorting tool that lets a user set priorities such as the type of working pattern, the number of employees, and their working hours to find the best option in no time. The application has Broker and Customer types of interfaces that differ according to their functions implied:

Brokers have access to

  • Up-to-date information about available offices in a selected city “Opportunities” tool that shows the list of potential office-leasing partners
  • An opportunity to put the pre-booking office visits on a schedule
  • The tool for adding potential partners
  • All the office space-related data

Users have access to

  • A personal account with the customizable office space priorities that are saved
  • A clearly laid out catalog of available offices where seen and new spaces are marked accordingly
  • A tour scheduling tool
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Our web-based application has provided the customer with a means of reducing workspace costs and managing the team performance according to their needs with the regard to pandemic requirements. Our desk booking solution has optimized the use of working spaces which will remain relevant even in post-COVID times.

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