Booking and Searching for Train Tickets Online Mobile Application

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Implementation of loyalty programs into the existing application logic

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Optimization of React application, change of logic in microservices, app interface development

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Tech stack

UI - React-Native, NextJS,
Backend - express, koa, graphql, apollo/federation, apollo/gateway, cucumber, cypress.


Trains are one of the safest and quickest means of transport that is in demand and still popular with travelers nowadays. There is decent railway traffic in Europe that is convenient as it functions as a set of routes that can cover long distances fast. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the statistics show that there were 4.8 billion passengers in the European Union in 2020, compared to pre-pandemic when figures indicated 8.2 billion passengers back in 2019. But still, there is a shortage of online train applications that would provide users with loyalty programs. Such an application should also utilize public transport data and analyze passenger information to provide an effective rail transport solution. The client is a company engaged in high-speed rail passenger transportation. The transport services are available throughout Europe, so the company provides transfers on trains that connect major cities of the European Union countries. Both short and long-distance trains cover trips between the countries for passenger transportation.


During the cooperation with the client, the core aspects of further improvement of the application were identified and all the necessary requirements were taken into consideration. The Modsen team faced several important challenges for the development and maintenance of the application:

  • Timely implementation of loyalty programs
  • Introduction of bonus programs into the existing application logic
  • Expansion and optimization of the application functionality
  • Analytics systems handling and further implementation
  • Integration of the product with sqills and other third-party services
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  • Creating intuitive interfaces for the end-user based on the well-conceived design
  • Development of reliable and portable components using React, TypeScript, Storybook, fully covered with tests
  • Development of integration as well as e2e tests for high-quality performance and improvement of related processes in the application and corresponding tasks within the project
  • Change and realization of a valuable addition to the logic in microservices - Next.js, express, koa
  • Extension of API and creation of graphql schema - working with graphql-codegen, apollo/federation, apollo/gateway
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With the help of a competent set of processes working on the improvement of the product and the interaction with the customer and within the team, our engineers were able to quickly and efficiently perform tasks introduced by the client and meet the requirements within the specified time frame. The implementation of the ability to pay for the tickets in the application according to the loyalty program for users, search and booking of tickets and hotels online, optimization of the booking process with the added capabilities of existing application architecture. Thanks to Modsen, the application has an intuitive interface, a well-thought-out design, and is easy to navigate for users. The performance of the product is improved with all the necessary implementations and added functionality advances the processes within the application.

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