Logistic Iot Platform

logistics platform
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Launch by our client of a custom logistics software based on artificial intelligence.

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Build-up of a team with the required skill level within a short time. Full integration of developers into the project within 2 weeks.

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Tech stack

Java Spring, Python, AWS,
Angular, MySQL.


Supplier of service IT solutions in logistics. The client works with several dozens of companies in 4 countries of their region. They are a relatively young, but actively growing team.


Our client offered their services to the increasing number of key players in logistics. It was about time to create a functional solution that would cater to the needs of consignors, brokers, and carriers. Our client decided to start the development of their own software that would combine packaging, transportation, documentation processing, stock control, etc. The client searched for an experienced software development company with the necessary technology stack to release the product in time and launch the service for their current and future customers within the shortest time possible. A Modsen team of 8 software development specialists joined the project at the initial phase and solved the following tasks:

  • deep analysis of complex business processes for order and shipping management;
  • participation in the implementation of a complete set of functions for the web and mobile applications;
  • introduction of a unique analytical model to the new software;
  • processing and arrangement of a new data volume resulting from the new functionality of the app;
  • provision of each group involved in the transportation process with the necessary functions and capabilities.
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IoT platform


The extensive experience in logistics app development helped the Modsen team to quickly join the project, study and analyze current requirements, make their own reasonable suggestions, and proceed to the development.

Modsen team implemented the following features together with the client:

  • Clear and user-friendly interface both in the web and mobile versions
  • Real-time GPS-tracking of cargo (current deliveries, status, updates)
  • Automated documentation process and reduced paper workflow
  • Integrated payment system for making financial transactions within the application
  • Extended functionality for all users based on their operational processes and responsibility areas during dispatching
  • Option of planning and forecasting the delivery process and costs based on 50+ embedded parameters
logistics app


The application was launched several months ago but we are still helping our client to provide support for the new software and add necessary follow-up adjustments. Although the solution has been launched quite recently, we already can draw some positive conclusions:

  • Our client’s customers noticed a significant reduction in the time required to solve routine tasks and an increase in the speed of all delivery-related processes
  • A 3-fold drop in the number of mistakes and emergencies thanks to the reliable control and process planning
  • Possibility to solve complex tasks 24/7 because all processes are automated and easily accessible

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