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Complicated data storage and data exchange between patients and doctors.

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A web app that stores patients’ medical cards and helps manage and exchange medical data on a single platform.

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Tech stack

React, styled-components, Java, Hibernate, PostgreSQL.


A healthcare company that caters to clinics providing health care services in several EU countries.


Our client held a strong demand for storing detailed information on the clinic’s clients on a single platform. The absence of a single database for doctor consultation history and examination results led to a poorer quality of health care services and a higher number of refusals from patients due to defects in data storage. The creation of a single platform was to solve all the acute problems of the client and consisted of:

  • Software that stores all the necessary information on a client and their medical cards;
  • A convenient and high-quality patient data exchange in the app;
  • Online doctor appointments;
  • Comprehensive reports for both a doctor and a patient after each treatment stage;
  • Customizing notifications and reminders for timely doctor consultations.
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We’ve united qualified developers who have expertise in completing projects for medical services under their belts. The product was built from scratch. We promptly provided reports on product development, discussed further steps with the client, and added timely modifications to the project.

The result was a top-notch web app for data storage and exchange on a single platform.

The pivotal decisions in software development included:

  • A user-friendly and reliable system for signing up and safe access to confidential data
  • Doctors and patients can manage the medical data that is available to them
  • Creating a network of specific doctors needed to provide health care services to a particular patient; medical data exchange between doctors
  • A possibility of online doctor appointments and creating treatment plans; getting notifications and reminders of the need for doctor consultation
  • Consultation history, medical procedures, in-depth reports on observation results


The app was successfully integrated into our client’s business. The product helped achieve a list of remarkable results in healthcare provision:

  • A high percentage of return clients, creating plans of regular observations for the long term;
  • An extended network of medical procedures for each patient in the clinic;
  • Higher quality of a patient’s health control thanks to detailed visualized reports on a client’s condition.

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