Software for Medical Equipment Provision

Medical software
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Modification of the existing out-of-date app.

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Development of top-notch, robust, functional software based on the preceding software product.

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Tech stack

.Net, Angular, MYSQL, ORACLE.


A German company that provides industry-specific software to medical equipment suppliers. The client holds the leading positions in the industry whose customers deliver their goods across the globe.


The previous software was over 10 years old at the moment of contacting Modsen. The app couldn’t handle the quality organization of the delivery process. Neither did it have necessary functions nor up-to-date layout and design. That’s why the client made it vital to upgrade the software so that it would be capable of both handling current business tasks and being a step ahead of competitors as a first-rate app. The most significant points to incorporate were as follows:

  • A functionality able to procure the necessary equipment as well as manage inventory in real time;
  • Implementation of filters for supplier and goods search – prices, delivery and payment conditions, expiration date, etc.;
  • Online goods delivery tracking;
  • Implementation of the order management system;
  • The system of warehouse inventory accounting;
  • Synchronization of the provided health services and the supply of the necessary medical equipment.
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Our team promptly embarked on the project and began to examine the existing logic of the out-of-date app. It was vital to figure out how the processes functioned at that time to be able to lay a quality foundation for an enhanced product.

During project realization, the workload volume was increasing, so we timely reacted by extending a team of specialists involved in the project.

Based on the data we’ve managed to study, we radically altered the architecture and logic of the preceding product. In other words, we eventually developed a new state-of-the-art app. The ideas realized in the modernized software included:

  • Three major app roles: delivery and inventory management, health services management, and the administrator. The users can choose the place of data storage: local network or cloud.
  • Inventory management with the use of barcodes. According to the barcode, the database provides comprehensive information on an item – technical parameters, expiration date, date of receipt, price, etc.
  • An upgraded user-friendly interface with the possibility to choose a custom theme, have a chat with other app users and search by a number of parameters.
  • Multifunctional order management with the possibility to change delivery status, assign warehouse facilities, and get notifications when procurement of a particular item is needed.
  • The app can also synchronize the calendar of health services delivery and item procurement for quality patient care.
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The benefits of the new software became soon evident. The immediate results helped our client to:

  • Implement and efficiently leverage the app in 23 countries;
  • Get positive client feedback – the app turned out incredibly agile so that each user could customize the settings and possibilities to suit their internal processes;
  • Enhance the speed and quality of patient care. Most processes were optimized, the workflow became far more efficient and productive.

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