Mobile App for a Chain of Restaurants

Cross-platform mobile app
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Development of a cross-platform mobile app for a higher quality of customer service in a chain of restaurants.

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Development of a mobile app with a cross-platform tech stack on the basis of multiple ready libraries and available code snippets.

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Tech stack

React-Native, MobX, Typescript, Native Modules.


A U.S.-based chain of restaurants with a broad network across the country, in the states' busiest cities. The client is one of the leaders among seafood restaurant businesses.


With the help of our app, the client intended to take service quality to a new level. Initially, the client planned to utilize new software only for orders but we eventually added a number of useful features before the app launch. The main tasks the Modsen team was to complete:

  • App adaptation for iOS and Android platforms
  • Online menu with all dishes and products and a possibility to order them
  • Bonus scheme for clients
  • App notifications on discounts and special offers
  • Internal chat for communication with restaurant administrators and tech support
  • Personal user accounts with all the necessary info
Exclusive interface
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At the discovery stage, the client didn't identify precise product requirements but had superficial and blurred goals. For this reason, we took up the Agile methodology, identifying an approximate project timeline and dividing it into 2-week sprints.

The Modsen development team provided highly efficient product development services and an exclusive interface.

We realized the following features in the app:

  • An online menu with possibilities of making orders easily and choosing preferable payment methods
  • Well-thought-out bonus scheme for loyal customers with a possibility to increase rating and get bonus points that can be considered in partial or full order payment with bonuses.
  • App push notifications with discounts, special offers, and new products on the menu
  • Tech support with a special chat inside the app
  • Personal user account containing order history, accumulated bonuses, an indication of several delivery points
  • Tracking and updating order status when making an order online
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The product was launched right after the final release. Observing excellent results, the client decided to invest in further product optimization. The budget invested in advertising went beyond expectations:

  • Numerous loyal customers started ordering seafood online more often
  • The number of new customers has increased by more than 2,5 times with a surge in loyal customers among whom by more than 70%
  • The app enabled the client to enhance the efficiency of promoting restaurants that were previously in less demand among customers and visitors

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