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Preparing the app release for Android devices, as well as expanding the functionality of the app.

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Recycling the old codebase to create a comfortable environment for quickly transferring an existing iOS app to Android devices.

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Tech stack

React Native, Redux, Stripe, GraphQL, TypeScript


The client is a European marketplace of household goods. The company sells unique household goods, enabling its users to act as a seller, buyers, and communicate on its platform.


The client had a need to scale and improve their site. In order to compete in the market, they were providing users with an app with unique and necessary functions for the convenient purchase and sale of goods. The most important improvements were to be:

  • an upgraded platform with additional features for the sale and purchase of goods;
  • extensions of tools inside the mobile platform that boost the search for necessary goods;
  • refinement of the app interface, betterment of the quality of presentation of goods;
  • the ability to save favorite products, their quick search and viewing;
  • statuses of registration of purchase and sale transactions;
  • adding tools for handy communication between users;
  • adaptation of the app for Android devices.


During the development of the task, our team proposed many different steps to implement the final idea of the client. As a result, we’ve managed to carry out a qualitative revision and justify the credibility of our client. To embody the agreed solutions, we have:

  • created an intuitive interface based on the design in Figma;
  • redesigned the code to improve the performance of the app;
  • delimited the code to enhance the performance and maintenance of the app;
  • carried out the transfer of native components from iOS to Android
  • expanded functionality and opportunities for users by introducing tools such as product filter, categories, convenient search, etc.;
  • developed a chat inside the software for convenient communication between users.
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The platform modified by the Modsen team shows significant improvements in the implementation of the KPI of the app. After the release of a new product to the market, our client noted:

  • a smooth release of the product’s mobile version on Android;
  • dynamic usage of the new functionality of the app, shortening the way of selling the product and its search;
  • an increase in the number of transactions between users of the app;
  • an increase in the number of registrations in the app, as well as a significant reduction in the bounce rate, and disruption of potential transactions.
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