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A cross-platform app that allows booking tours and activities from the leading tour operations in the region.

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An easy and robust online booking platform adaptive to web and mobile platforms.

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Tech stack

React-Native, Detox, Jest, React, FeathersJS, NodeJS, MySQL.


A European platform that provides online sightseeing and tour booking services in the EU’s largest cities. Recently, the company has taken a direction towards constant development and extending to the Asian region.


The client was to launch a brand new product on the market to allow its users to book tours in the EU’s largest cities online. The client’s task boiled down to uniting thousands of activities, museum tickets, and entertainments for all tastes on the platform. Indeed, the platform has become an ambitious startup, the idea of which consisted in providing assistance and convenience during travel planning. The aspects projected to be incorporated in the soon-to-be travel platform included:

  • Division and selection of tours and activities based on the geographical principle;
  • Demonstration of the user reviews as well as tour operator and tour ratings;
  • A user-friendly personal account with all the necessary information to plan travel activities, control booking and payment processes;
  • The possibility to book tours, events, and entertainments online in advance;
  • Ratings of popular cities and places;
  • Sections with detailed user reports in the form of a blog.
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Cross-platform app
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The Modsen team got the project in gear a week after the client’s request. Thanks to the chosen Agile methodology and close cooperation while discussing the project with the client, we managed to promptly take on the project and present quality results ahead of schedule.

The project was divided into three-week sprints with in-depth reports on the work completed and checks on further development checks.

The points we've realized in the app:

  • A user-friendly interface adapted to iOS and Android platforms. The users can see photos and images of prospective routes because the platform provides quality detailed content for traveling;
  • When the vacation is over, the app suggests leaving a review and giving ratings to tours and tour operators. For their feedback, users can get bonuses and use them afterward;
  • A convenient personal account where a user can track the booking status, online payment, and viewing history of user activity;
  • The possibility to choose future routes by a wide range of parameters – country/region/city, tour rating, price, type of activity (outdoor activities, historical theme, etc.);
  • Prompt client support through a special built-in chat. Push notifications inform about changes, special offers, and discounts;
  • Plenty of useful quality content on the platform – route photos, a blog with travelers’ articles and photos, life hacks from tour operators.


The app was successfully launched on both platforms and on web devices. Our client pointed out a speedy increase in the number of sign-ups and a possibility of further scale-up to include other cities and continents. The app helped the client to:

  • Increase the quality of tourist services thanks to a transparent rating system and reviews from travelers;
  • Incorporate a bonus program, push notifications, and intuitive search by price for active users, which was conducive to an increase in the number of tours by a single user and helped to plan more expensive and long routes;
  • Extend the geographical area of travel services – at the moment, our client together with the Modsen team is planning to adapt the app to the Asian audience.
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