Intranet Software for Home Appliance Manufacturer

Intranet software
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Inefficient document management in the large company due to the absence of an intranet portal for information exchange.

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Custom software development for a corporate intranet based on SharePoint Online.

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Tech stack

Java Script, ASP.NET, Database Management.


A home appliance manufacturer based in Asia. The company numbers 10 000+ employees, as well as possesses a wide product distribution and service center networks worldwide.


After opening new home appliance manufacturing shops, adding new product categories, and increasing the number of employees and document circulation volume, the client faced a challenge. Inefficient document management, low speed of approval processes and business processes in general were hindering the company’s productivity. The former equipment and resources were unable to handle a bigger volume of data. Thus, the company asked Modsen to build an internal online platform that could facilitate and speed up document management, automate most processes, and optimize mundane manual tasks. The client’s requirements for the platform were as follows:

  • Internal intranet portal with added social functions for communication between employees on both formal and informal matters;
  • Full document management within the portal, easy-to-use search for internal standards, acts, contracts, etc;
  • A feature for tracking the status of signing documents;
  • A complete database of employee contacts, methods of contacting them besides the online portal;
  • Sections with general info on events, news, and other info related to the company’s life;
  • Fast and convenient search for any document.
Internal online platform
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The project was started 2 weeks after the client reached out to Modsen.

The first step we took was to survey different departments of the client’s company to discuss the collected info with the client’s team and identify technical requirements for the intranet portal.

After collecting all the necessary data and adjusting tasks at the final discussion stage, Modsen developed an intranet portal that incorporated the following features:

  • A detailed map of the company’s internal processes – supply management, personnel management, technical maintenance of workshops, industrial safety, and more. Each process was described in detail and consisted of certain stages depending on its category;
  • Full document management within the intranet portal. Users can send documents for approval, track their review status, and search for necessary acts, contracts, and standards;
  • A database of all employees’ contacts. The section includes well-structured info on departments, offices, positions, and contact details of employees. In a company as large as the client’s, fast contact for solving work issues was real salvation;
  • The intranet’s social function – news, events, polls, exchanging ideas, employees’ birthdays, and interesting activities. All information of the kind became available in the intranet portal and let employees be in the loop about the company’s key events;
  • Electronic document archives contributed to fast information search by assisting in finding the sources for different work issue solutions.
Corporate intranet


The client implemented the product in the company’s workflow and was able to achieve a quality optimization of its business processes. The product became an essential tool for the company with a big number of employees and complicated industrial connections. In no time, the client experienced a boost in numerous parameters:

  • Speedy document management and more prompt problem-solving without sacrificing quality;
  • More efficient solutions to work issues that invlove different departments of the company;
  • Greater employee engagement in the company’s life and, thereby, increased team unity.

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