Telehealth software for therapy services

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Software for video consultations with additional functions of booking appointments online and mobile payments.

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The use of special video conferencing software for telehealth that is adaptive to both mobile phones and web browsers.

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Tech stack

Node JS, WebRTC, NestJS, React-Native, React.


The client is a West European start-up that aims to unite a great number of specialists on psychiatric/psychological health and their patients.


The client’s idea boiled down to uniting in the product group therapy sessions and private video consultations. The system had to be adaptive to desktop computers, laptops, and mobile phones. The client made it essential to implement the following points:

  • A detailed profile of a patient and a therapist;
  • Making appointments and scheduling video consultations online;
  • Customizing settings of video conferences with a convenient top-flight video chat;
  • A possibility of turning off a video call and connecting to voice calls while preserving anonymity;
  • E-record storage and history of user sessions;
  • A built-in chat for text messaging between patients and doctors;
  • A possibility of saving video chats to record the history of patient medical care and to achieve quality control over the healthcare services provided by the doctor.
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Profound knowledge in software development and wide expertise in completing projects in the field of medical technology, allowed the Modsen team to present a top-notch, quality product for providing health care services and video consultations.

The platform helped patients quickly find specific specialists to receive the necessary healthcare services.

We managed to unite patients and treating doctors by offering them a platform with the following opportunities to grab:

  • Comprehensive patient profiles – name, address, sex, age, health record, and other treatment-relevant data.
  • Detailed profiles and lists of doctors – descriptions of all the available consultants that patients can choose from.
  • Appointment booking – a calendar displaying the availability of this or that doctor, a possibility for patients to choose and book a session.
  • A quality video chat for mobile and web versions as well as a possibility of anonymous voice call communication.
  • Storing patient data in the cloud with the function of history transfer to another doctor.
  • User-friendly in-app payment. A patient can link a bank card to the app and pay for consultations online.
  • Safe medical card storage which enables doctors to access the information on their patients in necessary.


The platform was developed as planned and successfully launched in the healthcare services market. Hundreds of treating doctors provide psychological assistance to tens of thousands of patients. Our client points out:

  • Positive feedback from treating doctors: the app makes it easy to plan your schedule, study a patient’s health record, and provide quality psychological assistance to clients;
  • High rating from clients thanks to a wide choice of specialists, data anonymity, and the possibility of contacting a doctor from any device;
  • A tangible increase in the client base of patients as well as a robust platform that unites the best doctors, thereby, helping to monitor public mental health.

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