Staff augmentation challenges

How Modsen Pulls off major staff augmentation challenges

Flexible recruitment strategies are gaining momentum all over the place due to the pool of business benefits they bring along. Significant staffing cost-optimization along with the expansion and deepening of the in-house team expertise are just a couple of perks that become available to those who introduce staff augmentation service into their business routine. However, the high chances of ending up unsatisfied with the service quality provision has become a major barrier on the way to its active leverage. Modsen is familiar with all the fears and insecurities characteristic for clients who’ve heard it on the grapevine or had a bad in-house team scaling experience themselves. Here’s how we restore their confidence in staff augmentation service.

In-House Team Scaling Risks and Solutions

In-house team scaling

We’ve compiled a full list of concerns and doubts our clients might have before hiring external experts for strengthening their internal expertise, and described how Modsen approaches these challenges to ensure smooth and risk-free cooperation.

Expectation VS Reality Worry

We all know that not all that glitters is gold. As regards staff augmentation vendors, it’s extremely complicated to foresee their possible lack of expertise, low-quality specialists, and absence of the required industry experience. When all that comes to the surface you can always break the contract but the time will already be wasted, and the trust for the next vendor’s reliability shattered.

To dispel any doubts we make sure to provide case studies of the projects we’ve successfully launched, as well as qualification verification documents, answer all the challenging questions about the cooperation process, and make the necessary clarifications. Modsen has installed a transparent scheme for selecting experts for external projects, allowing our clients to test their competence. Besides, our future partners can hold an in-person meeting with the CEO and the key professionals engaged in the project.

Further Dependance on the External Team

The code built by third-party specialists tends to be unclear for the in-house team staff which makes a company somewhat “tied” to the staff augmentation vendor, which is especially unwanted if the cooperation left much to be desired.

Our experts write clean and clear codes, easily understandable and supported by other developers. We focus on transferring knowledge and expertise to the in-house team specialists and keep in touch for further consultations related to the project we’ve developed together.

Unclear Project Expences

Tracking the costs might be a real challenge if you end up with an unfair vendor. Transparency is what our partners value in cooperation because it is the main prerequisite for gaining the full pack of staff augmentation service benefits.

The Modsen team focuses on transparency and carries it through every stage of project collaboration. We provide clear-cut working hours reports, suggest time-optimization tactics, and cut out redundant pieces of work due to in-depth team expertise and personal engagement in the project.

In business, time is money, so if a vendor doesn’t ensure swift external team inclusion that’s a red flag.

Timezone Gap and Cultural Differences

Hiring a third-party team to augment your in-house competence often entails dealing with specialists with a different working culture background or/and located in another timezone that complicates the cooperation process even more.

Our specialists adjust to the client’s working hours in whatever timezone one might be, delivering top-notch results according to the required schedule. Due to years-long experience in the IT industry, successful management of a big solid software development company, and engagement in an array of projects, we can ensure organizing a seamless and efficient communication process that will guarantee the highest-quality cooperation results.

Slow Integration

In business, time is money, so if a vendor doesn’t ensure swift external team inclusion that’s a red flag. Apart from that, vendors happen to lack the demanded experts and cover that up stalling the project development process.

The Modsen team has a clear project team selection scheme and stages of this service provision. Vast experience in the niche allows us to avoid common complications and provide you with a group of top-notch specialists within a week after receiving your request. The industry, scope of work, or project complexity doesn’t matter.

Low Personal Involvement

Augmenting your internal team with people who don’t really care about the project under development and are reluctant to think out of the box to enhance the process and the product is a major setback. Personal involvement and pure interest in the work are essential for a successful project outcome.

We focus on fruitful and long-term partnerships with our clients and thus care about their business development, providing effective solutions for the project that we build together. Modsen has a 95% client retention that allows us to extend cooperation, scale our company and engage in a bigger number of exciting projects.

Slow and Painful Adaptation

External team adaptation

Seamlessness should be one of the main staff augmentation characteristics. However, only a small percentage of the service vendors can provide such integration experience. Low-quality external team adaptation is a problem a lot of businesses face while developing projects using third-party specialists.

Modsen has provided its experts for dozens ofall-scale projects of 25+ industry backgrounds. Such experience made us ready for cooperation with companies of various internal structures and politics. That’s why our developers will instantly immerse into the project and dissolve in your in-house team.

Poor Project Management

What can be worse for project development than its poor management. The team you hire should be able to add up to the process efficiency and organization, definitely not cause mismanagement.

To ensure the best results, we make use ofAgile and Scrum methodologiesthat help our team achieve the demanded results within the shortest period of time without losing on product quality.

Modsen provides a 15-day free-trial period during which you can see our experts in process, confirm the level of their knowledge, and introduce the necessary adjustments.

Complicated Monitoring Process

Being able to actively supervise the project development process and the value that third-party experts bring in is an unalienable right of any client. When the service vendor makes it complicated you know for sure something is wrong and non-transparent.

Modsen is ready to discuss any monitoring strategies that are reasonable for our clients. We always suggest our own vision of the most effective team control, listen to your ideas, and then approve the final monitoring scheme. Working hours completion, KPI, and project development process are recorded and handed to you on-demand.

No-Guarantee Cooperation

Turning to a staff augmentation vendor without being sure about the service quality and getting a zero result guarantee sounds like gambling. If the company you entrust your project to can’t assure its quality, who can?

It’s important for us to let you make a sigh of relief even before we start cooperating. To that end, Modsen provides a 15-day free-trial period during which you can see our experts in process, confirm the level of their knowledge, and introduce the necessary adjustments. Your convenience is our priority.

Wrapping Up

Delivering staff augmentation services for years, we have overcome numerous challenges to finally be able to build a transparent, cohesive, and risk-free process ofin-house team scaling . Top-notch experts, immense experience, and love for what we do help us achieve unmatched results developing projects together with our partners.

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