Business Analysis Services

Business Analysis Services

Even the most brilliant software development ideas are destined to fail without proper strategic business analysis guidance. Secure the long-term success of your project concept by tapping into the extensive expertise of certified outstaff business analysts at Modsen. 

Even the most brilliant software development ideas are destined to fail without proper strategic business analysis guidance. Secure the long-term success of your project concept by tapping into the extensive expertise of certified outstaff business analysts at Modsen. 

Prerequisite for thriving business development 

The difference between failing and prospering businesses lies in the embracement of the significance of business analysis. Being one of the fundamental elements that help keep a software development company afloat, BA is capable of safeguarding your business a place within the small percentage of companies that make it to the 10-year milestone and further. Turning to expertised IT business analysts at Modsen you ensure: 

Project transformation

Transformation of your project ideas into viable software products. 

Project development risks

Mitigation of project development risks and challenges.  

Product development concept

Quality validation of your product development concept. 

Alignment of business objectives

Alignment of business objectives with technical solutions. 

Gaps in business processes

Identification of gaps in existing business processes. 

Achievement of business goals Business growth points

Streamlined achievement of business goals. 

Business growth points

Detection of unobvious growth points.  

Business expectations’ management

Business expectations’ management. 

Smoothen your path to success with Modsen 


second-year business survival rate


ongoing business ROI boost


average project cost reduction

Cooperation options

The variety of business goals, challenges, and requirements makes it essential for us to provide various models of business analysis services to meet the needs of every partner who turns to Modsen in search of expert BA guidance.

BA Incorporation

Incorporate BA into the product development process 

Building a viable software product expected to shine against the background of competitors is impossible without tapping into the expertise of agile business analysts perfectly familiar with ways of safeguarding the long-term success of your project. 

Strengthen in-house BA team 

Strengthen your in-house BA team  

If your internal BA specialists lack relevant experience in delivering effective business analysis services, bridging the expertise gap by hiring certified business analysts from Modsen might be a solution. We’ve gathered top-notch professionals in the field to make sure your project is destined to win the market.

BA services request

Request on-demand BA services 

Business analysis services cover a wide range of requests, from project discovery to IT product ownership.  Certified BAs at Modsen are ready to take on any challenges to help your business take off or reach new impressive heights.

Business analysis services to OPT for

To ensure the full-scale coverage of customer requests, we provide all the key BA services. Choose the one you need and leave the rest of the work to dedicated BA experts at Modsen.


Project Discovery

Validate your startup project idea and establish its solid foundation by clarifying the key objectives, identifying stakeholder needs, defining the scope of work, and estimating project costs.

Project discovery
Project Requirements Gathering

Project Requirements Gathering

Make sure all the product development requirements are well-defined, manageable, and aligned with the project`s objectives, leading to guaranteed successful results. 

Project  requirements gathering 
Project Documentation

Project Documentation

Create the documentation that will ensure project development process clarity, facilitate effective internal collaboration, contribute to risk management, and enable proper project management. 

Project documentation 
Project Documentation

Product-market Fit Analysis 

Determine if your product meets market expectations and what adjustments or optimizations are essential to achieve a strong product-market fit.

Product-market аit analysis Business process analysisIT product ownership
Project Documentation

Business Process Analysis and Improvement 

Analyze the existing business processes to identify challenges, solutions, growth points, and feasible business development perspectives. 

Business process analysisIT product ownership
Project Documentation

IT Product Ownership

Maximize the value of your software product throughout its lifecycle by implying business analysis best practices to align the project development process with the current market needs.

IT product ownership

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Entrust problem-solving to certified business analysts and watch your challenges being transformed into growth points.

Victoria Loseva,Head of BA 


Reap the benefits of expert BA services 

The impact of high-quality software development consulting on projects at any stage of their evolution can hardly be overestimated. Investing in business analysis outsourcing secures a range of significant advantages that will determine the soundness of your business in the long run.

Enhanced performance 

Enhanced Performance  

Hire certified business analysts to uncover the underlying strengths and weaknesses of the ongoing project or product management strategy, leading to optimization of inefficiencies and unlocking of non-obvious growth areas. 



Business analysis techniques allow companies to reduce expenditure by transforming business processes and maximizing their output keeping software product quality at its highest. 

ROI boost 

ROI boost

Strategic business analysis opens up immense opportunities for improving investment payback by providing invaluable insights on how to make the most out of what you’ve got. 

Risk mitigation 

Risk Mitigation 

Evade a significant portion of daily, market, and other kinds of risks due to proper business data analysis and the development of default solutions to emerging threats. 

Improved Team Management 

Improved Team Management 

Bring your in-house team collaboration to the next level by getting a major glimpse of the tendencies, challenges, and positives uncovered by business analysts. 

Informed Decision-Making

Informed Decision-Making 

Base your decisions on accurate data insights powered by strong business analysis competencies, not on intuition. BA provides a solid foundation for implementing transformative solutions and improving the way your business operates on a daily basis. 

Explore the practical value of BA for your business 

The difference between projects developed and maintained with and without the incorporation of certified business analysts’ input is drastic. Discover the key metrics speaking in favor of BA calculated building on Modsen experience.

Projects without BA
Projects with BA




Requirement Comprehension 


Stakeholder Cooperation


Documentation Management


Solution Alignment

Business verticals we cover 

Providing business analysis services to our partners, we do not limit ourselves to a narrow selection of industries. Instead, our team opts for non-stop development of unique business-specific expertise in a wide range of industry verticals to deliver transformative solutions to a broader circle of companies.


FinTech software software


Enterprise software


Agriculture software


AdTech software


IOT software


MedTech software


Logistics software

Social Networking

Social Networking app


Travel app

BA toolkit we employ 

Modsen team is invested in delivering first-class services by utilizing the most advanced, convenient, and efficient business analysis tools and techniques available in the market.



Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio









Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams







Expertise recognized by leading rankings 

Modsen possesses a proven track record of delivering first-class business consulting services to companies of all scales, levels, and industry backgrounds. Our dedication, enthusiasm, and in-depth competence have not gone unnoticed by benchmark business review platforms. 

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