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Ongoing professional development is one of the core values we uphold at Modsen. Obtaining certifications provided by our team of experts is a strong indicator of your commitment to the chosen career path and alignment with our company standards.

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Thank you for choosing Modsen as your technical course provider. Come back for our new expert courses as soon as you’re ready to take your professional development further.

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DmitrySenior .Net Developer
Looking back, the decision to apply for a .NET proficiency course at Modsen was the focal point of my career. The knowledge and skills I acquired during that time defined where I am now professionally. It was their certificate that opened up my way into big IT.
SergeyMiddle React Developer
When choosing among the myriad of technical course providers I was lost. But a friend of mine was taking a course in React technology at Modsen, so I decided to follow in his footsteps. It turned out amazing as at the end of the course I was offered a permanent place at the company.
AndrewTeam Lead
I’ve been a member of Modsen team for 3 years now and during this time I took 4 technical courses prepared by our senior professionals. The feeling of learning something new and broadening the scope of tasks you’re able to do is incomparable. And new course programs keep coming so I’ll probably never stop being a student.
EugeneSenior Java Developer
Didn’t really expect that my first step into IT would be this good. I’m surrounded by open-minded mentors and curious to know what awaits me further in the Java program. At first, my goal was the certificate but halfway through the course I see that it will be just a pleasant bonus, as the insights and years-long experience I absorb is what really matters.
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