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Internet of Things

Internet of Things


In a nutshell, the Internet of Things is the concept of connecting any device to the Internet and to other connected devices. Today, IoT usually refers to connected objects equipped with special sensors and software. It allows communication with connected devices IoT applications, industrial machines, and many more. Through the transferring and processing of data packets, devices can perform their functions with little or no need for human interaction.

Geographically distributed development teams Image

Geographically distributed development teams


Discover the essence of geographically distributed teams. Assess the risks and see the real opportunities of developing software products in the context of geographical dispersion.

Security, and protection in software development Image

Security, and protection in software development


According to the latest statistics, 2021 was abundant in successful hacker attempts resulting in $4.24 million in damages and 30,000 websites being attacked every day of the year.

Business Must-Haves in 2022: Cloud-Based ERP Image

Business Must-Haves in 2022: Cloud-Based ERP


To be efficient and competitive in the current working environment, companies require technologies that make them expand, grow rapidly, and be successful.

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What is XaaS? Anything-as-a-Service explained


The advancement of cloud computing has led to a staggering explosion of products labeled as a service...

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Mistakes to avoid when choosing development company


Selecting a decent software development company is sometimes more difficult than coming up with a startup idea that will work. It is not surprising, since the IT sector is the most dynamically developing sector of the world economy at the moment.

Mobile development trends image

Mobile development trends


Technologies are rapidly progressing and sometimes, on the contrary, they become obsolete. To stay at the top of their skills, developers need to constantly improve their service replenish their crack skills and be aware of the latest IT industry innovations.

Top development trends image

Top development trends


Trends are changing fast with newly emerging technologies, thus, it`s crucial to keep up with the latest trends and be ready to alter and upgrade the technological side of the business.

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