Mobile App for a Chain of Restaurants

Responsive, robust, and user-friendly cross-platform food delivery solution.

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Mobile app for restaurant


Improvement of customer service quality level for a renowned chain of seafood restaurants.


Development of a cross-platform mobile application for restaurant food delivery.

Tech stack

React Native, MobX, Typescript, Native Modules.


Our client is a U.S.-based chain of restaurants, established as one of the leaders in the seafood restaurant businesses and having a broad network of locations across the country. The pandemic and consecutive surge in food delivery demand induced the business owner to hire expert React Native app developers to build new cross-platform software to cater to the needs of their customers.

Mobile app interface


Utilizing the future app, the client intended to take their customer service quality to a brand new level. Given the unfolding pandemic, the deadlines were tight as the restaurant chain had to be able to start delivering food as soon as possible. Modsen team of RN experts rolled up their sleeves to complete the following food delivery app development tasks:

  • Development of a codebase to be adapted to iOS and Android platforms.
  • Incorporation of an online menu.
  • Designing a bonus program for clients.
  • Enabling app notifications on discounts and special offers.
  • Development of an internal chat for communication with the restaurant’s tech support.
  • Designing personal user accounts.



RN Engineers


Business analyst


Team Lead


QA testers


Project Manager

Modsen engineer

Development process

Requirements gathering and processing

Every business owner wishes to have their software product delivered within minimum time, with zero misunderstandings, and delays. However, not everyone understands that to accomplish the above-mentioned goals, the project team requires the most detailed and precise information about the future product, its features, objectives, and peculiarities.

To make sure the development process will be smooth and issue-free, the Modsen team prioritized the requirements gathering stage as it lays the solid foundation for the success of the whole project. We conducted 3 online meetups with the client and its key specialists to fully immerse ourselves in the future project and understand its specificity. As a result of our meetings, Modsen BA, PM, and CTO drafted a document outlining the full scope of the product requirements and had it approved and clarified by our partner.


100% compliance with software development deadlines at Modsen is achieved through meticulous planning. We adhere to the most effective Agile methodologies when mapping out the process and take into account our previous experience on similar projects.

The restaurant mobile app development planning phase centered around time and resource allocation, outlining milestones, sprints, responsibilities, and other essential details. As soon as the plan draft was ready, we scheduled another online meetup with the client to discuss it and make the necessary amendments before getting down to the actual product building.

Team assembly

Since the client required the cross-platform restaurant app to be developed using React Native as an ultimate tool for creating native-looking and feeling applications, we focused on selecting the most skilled React Native experts enjoying relevant experience in the food industry. .

At Modsen the team assembly process is multifold. It begins with internal candidates interviewing and testing carried out by the company’s CTO and finishes with a pre-approval meetup with the client who usually holds another tech or domain-specific interview.

Given the tight deadlines, the team assembly phase was relatively short as the client was sure that hiring Modsen React Native developers would be the right choice irrespective of the length of the interviewing and testing process. As it was specified in the project development plan, to build a robust high-capacity cross-platform restaurant app within the shortest time the client needed a team of 7 RN engineers, 4 QA testers, 1 business analyst, 1 project manager, and 1 team lead.


The app design of a distinguished seafood chain of restaurants had to be catchy, stylish, navigable, and user-friendly. To achieve that, Modsen Design Studio UI/UX experts built over 35 app screens and spent 130+ hours ideating an attractive, functional, and responsive mobile application.

The complete cycle of the design process was divided into 5 core steps:

  • UX research
  • UX strategy building
  • Wireframing
  • Visual design
  • Prototype testing
Having the final app prototype ready to be powered by code, the designer team handed their work over to Modsen developer enthusiasts.


Development of advanced, scalable, and robust software products has become a hallmark of Modsen and for that, our partners chose us over and over again. Our developer engineers’ team never settles for simple tried-and-tested tools, technologies, and approaches but leverages state-of-the-art solutions to provide our partners’ businesses with an unmatched competitive edge.

During the process of on-demand food delivery cross-platform app development, our coding enthusiasts utilized the finest React Native tools and applied 6+ years of experience within the framework employment. 7 developer engineers chosen for the project worked cohesively, maintaining transparent uninterrupted communication, and addressing the emerging issues jointly.

Comprehensive testing

Testing is one of the most crucial phases of the software development process as it finalizes the hundreds-of-hours-length work of the project team and ensures the impeccability of the product before its launch.

The end-to-end cross-platform mobile app testing cycle encompassed the following stages:

  • Test scenarios identification
  • Test environment setup
  • Test cases implementation
  • Result analysis
  • Retesting
The scope of tests performed to guarantee the top-tier quality of the app included:
  • Functional testing
  • Localization testing
  • Security testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Performance testing
  • Usability testing
As soon as Modsen QA specialists identified the inefficiencies, they handed them over to the coding team and retested the app after the bugs were fixed.


Having a fully functional mobile application at hand, the team prepared technical documentation and user guidelines for transfer to the client. Our project experts also assisted our partner in software deployment and consulted the product owner about the features, capacity, and opportunities of the fresh-out-of-the-oven application.

Servicing and further cooperation

Modsen team always sets itself for the long run when it comes to cooperation with partners. We truly believe that building solid relations once and furthering them turns out to be exceptionally beneficial for both parties. To foster long-term partnerships, we stay in touch with our clients even after the software product launch to give a hand in case of an emergency or dive in to improve or scale the existing app.

The cooperation between Modsen and the seafood restaurant business owner has been going on for 3.5 years now and the cross-platform restaurant food delivery app is up and running, having undergone several modifications and a major upscaling.

Restaurant food delivery app


The well-oiled in-house processes coupled with unique domain expertise allowed us to launch the application within tight deadlines. The product our team tirelessly worked on encompassed the following features:

  • An online menu with possibilities of making orders quickly and choosing preferable payment methods.
  • Well-thought-through bonus scheme for loyal customers.
  • App push notifications about discounts, special offers, and menu novelties.
  • In-app tech support chat.
  • Personal user account containing order history, accumulated bonuses, and an indication of previously used delivery locations.
  • Order status tracking and updating when making an order online.
  • The number of new customers has increased by more than 2,5 times with a surge in loyal customers among whom by more than 70%.
The cross-platform mobile app development journey we embarked on together with our partner brought incredible results and gave a major boost to the seafood restaurant business.


customers across the USA


improved marketing strategy efficiency


surge in customer loyalty

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