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“Excellence is never an accident but always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution” – creating this quote, Aristotle most certainly was thinking about Modsen.

Today we are thrilled to announce that our team has achieved another significant goal by attaining the status of an official Microsoft partner. Receiving such prestigious recognition from one of the flagship IT industry players makes us feel proud of the way we’ve come to enter the next stage of our development and induces us to move forward even more enthusiastically to conquer new professional heights.

Why becoming a Microsoft partner is a big deal

Since its inception, Modsen company has never settled for less than perfection whether it is about the level of competencies our team members enjoy or the quality of services we provide. Being granted the Microsoft partner status is a testament to our exceptional technical expertise, commitment to excellence, and the trust our partners place in us. This partnership signifies that we have met stringent requirements set by Microsoft company and have demonstrated our proficiency in leveraging its technologies.

From now on Modsen can access a wide variety of prime-quality resources and get support directly from Microsoft. This collaboration opens up new avenues for innovation and allows us to tap into the advanced technologies and tools possessed by our bigger partner to develop state-of-the-art software solutions that will supercharge our clients’ business successes.

Microsoft partner

Modsen CTO on achieving the new horizon-broadening status

First-hand commentaries are always the juiciest so we decided to ask the man at the head of Modsen technological advancements, our CTO Eugene Kalugin, how he feels about the latest company accomplishment.

Eugene, could you share your thoughts and feelings about receiving such a high recognition? What does it mean for Modsen as a whole?

Well, I guess I feel the same as the rest of our extended team: proud, excited, motivated, and grateful. This acknowledgment of our professionalism was long-awaited and now we all can breathe out in relief. Modsen company is a unique specimen of software development companies that consists of 100% pure enthusiasts and technical aces, who are passionate about what they do. For our company, Microsoft official partnership means broadening the scope of fascinating projects we can take on and deliver with an even higher level of excellence.

Modsen CTO

What in your opinion was the key component for attaining Microsoft official recognition?

I don’t think there is a single component that can safeguard you a place among the top software development companies acknowledged by industry powerhouses. I’d say the combination of impeccably-tuned facets matters. At Modsen, no aspect of the software development process is overlooked or kept at a level lower than “flawless”. From our exemplary approach to cooperation to the way we meticulously select our potential team members – we’ve bet on 360°quality and it seems like it’s the winning bid.

What does it mean for a client if one teams up with a certified Microsoft partner?

Joining forces with a software development company that has been granted official Microsoft partner status is an ultimately winning strategy. The list of benefits one can derive from such cooperation is a long one: faster access to pioneering technologies, better-tailored future-proof software solutions, rock-solid security, top-class quality assurance, and so much more. Certified Microsoft partnership is a globally recognized quality label, that guarantees the supreme results of software development services provision.

The final word

Modsen company sends sincere words of gratitude to all our loyal partners, who entrust us with their projects and give us a chance to showcase proficiency, utmost dedication, and passion for what we do. We also wholeheartedly thank every member of Modsen in-house team for the amazing work you’ve been doing. Keep it up, team! The sky’s the limit!

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