Modsen's CTO interview

Reflecting on 2023: Modsen’s CTO on tech frontiers, resilient teams, and future vision

Interviewer: Greetings! Thank you for taking the time to meet with us! This year has brought significant events, both for you and the entire company. You’ve recently become Modsen’s technical director. Could you share how this change has impacted your life?

Eugene: Hey there, thanks for having me! Becoming technical director at Modsen has been a defining transition. Life’s definitely gotten more engaging and exciting. It’s less about a major upheaval and more about taking what’s already great about our tech scene and giving it an extra boost. Stepping into this role means diving deeper into refining our tech strategies, pushing innovation boundaries, and increasing our input and impact within the scope of Modsen’s projects.

Interviewer: Speaking about global changes, 2023 tested the entire IT community with mass layoffs, bankruptcy of large startups, etc. Despite this, Modsen continues to grow its staff of technical specialists, open new departments, and expand its partner base. What’s the secret?

Eugene: In response to your question, it’s hard to ignore the similarities between the complexities of business and the precision found in exact sciences. You see, in mathematics, formulas can be represented as a fraction, where our success, knowledge, and experience form the numerator, and the adversities we face become the denominator. This year, significant variables joined the denominator, posing considerable challenges. My role revolves around devising strategies to minimize these factors, essentially bolstering the numerator and reducing the denominator’s impact or transforming its variables into a margin of error.

We maintain an unwavering vigilance, keeping a keen eye on global events. This proactive stance allows us to foresee shifts, swiftly adapt, and transform potential setbacks into opportunities for growth.

Eugene Kalugin

Interviewer: Modsen is known for leading the way in advanced technologies. Do you have any exciting developments or endeavors to share? How active has this year been for you in terms of project involvement?

Eugene: Well, project diversity has been incredibly exciting this year. Alongside our core focus areas such as web and server development, we’ve delved into highly fruitful ventures in AI, ML, and crypto. These forays have not only deepened our expertise but also reinforced our commitment to pioneering technologies. Regarding the busyness, it’s a bit tricky to put a number on it. At Modsen, we invest ourselves deeply into every project, striving to make each one exceptional.

Interviewer: Are there any specific business areas that interest you as a professional?

Eugene: While our core expertise lies in fintech, medtech, and logistics, we’re genuinely open and enthusiastic about exploring various other business domains. As professionals, we’re adaptable and keen on embracing new challenges across diverse sectors.

Modsen's CTO

Interviewer: Amidst Modsen's diverse fintech projects, what hurdles does this domain face today? How might proficient tech firms aid in overcoming these challenges?

Eugene: Similar to many sectors, fintech encounters its share of challenges. One persistent issue revolves around sourcing technically adept engineers—a challenge that we, at Modsen, have been effectively managing. Our team provides our clients with top-notch expertise and support from seasoned software developers. By ensuring a robust talent pool and fostering an environment that nurtures tech excellence, we’re adept at tackling the demands of the ever-evolving fintech landscape.

Interviewer: Nowadays, it seems like AI is the talk of the town. How do you evaluate this trend? Do clients frequently inquire about developing AI applications?

Eugene: Absolutely, AI has become pervasive across nearly every industry, and it’s becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. At Modsen, we regularly receive requests to develop AI applications, reflecting the growing need for innovative solutions powered by artificial intelligence to address complex challenges and enhance operational efficiency across diverse fields.

Interviewer: Beyond the current technological focus, what other pioneering advancements is Modsen eyeing for implementation in the upcoming year?

Eugene: We’re actively exploring a range of cutting-edge technologies. Our attention remains dedicated to further advancements in AI and ML, as they continue to evolve and offer immense potential. Additionally, we’re deeply engaged in exploring the realms of crypto tech, data engineering, and even venturing into hardware-related innovations. These technological frontiers align with our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that we’re prepared to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.


Interviewer: Alright, let’s put on our futurologist hats now. What’s the next big tech phenomenon on the horizon? Any under-the-radar areas, akin to AI’s rise, that you find promising and worth keeping an eye on?

Eugene: There’s certainly something on the horizon that has caught our attention, and we’re diligently tracking and nurturing its development within our initiatives. However, I hope you understand, it's not the right time to divulge specifics just yet.

Interviewer: And what in the IT world is timeless, never going out of fashion?

Eugene: The ability to think critically and innovatively.

Interviewer: But a technical director is, of course, not only about technology. How do you blend your technical expertise with your role as a leader and mentor within the team?

Eugene: In fact, technical expertise lays a strong foundation. For me, it’s not about compartmentalizing these roles; instead, I see them as integral parts of a unified whole.

Interviewer: Regarding team dynamics, are there specialized groups at Modsen adept at addressing specific business challenges for clients?

Eugene: Indeed, this aspect holds considerable importance for us. Our team structure prioritizes the formation and nurturing of specialized groups adept at addressing the diverse business challenges our clients encounter. Coordinating these teams effectively is our priority, ensuring they possess the specialized skills and strong collaboration necessary to deliver tailored solutions for our clients’ intricate and varied business needs.

Interviewer: What strategies do you employ to maintain your team’s resilience and motivation during challenging or stressful periods?

Eugene: Staying focused on the outcome is key. In challenging times, obstacles, you know, are just mere variables in the larger equation I mentioned earlier.

Interviewer: Any advice for aspiring leaders, particularly in the tech industry, on balancing personal well-being and achieving career success?

Eugene: Family stands at the core of everything.

Modsen's interview

Interviewer: With the Modsen team being expansive and working globally, what message would you like to share with your colleagues as this year comes to an end?

Eugene: In short, a huge THANK YOU, everyone! Each of you is a cornerstone in our global journey at Modsen. Let’s appreciate the hurdles conquered and triumphs gained, vital elements of our success. Grateful for your relentless dedication, eagerly looking forward to more achievements together. Here’s to our fantastic team!

Interviewer: Eugene, thank you very much for the conversation. It’s always a pleasure to converse with you. Wishing you all the best in the coming year!

Eugene: Thank you sincerely for the engaging conversation, the pleasure is mutual.

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