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Solving the startup puzzle: Modsen’s key cases and solutions in 2023

Chief Partnership Manager at Modsen

Volha Siankova

Chief Partnership Manager at Modsen

With digital innovation evolving constantly, startups emerge as the lifeblood of fresh ideas and groundbreaking concepts. At Modsen, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with these visionaries, turning their dreams into reality. As we reflect on the dynamic year that was 2023, we’d like to share insights into the common challenges faced by startups and the positive strategies we’ve employed to overcome them.

Modsen’s key partnerships with startups in 2023


  • Top 3 domains: E-commerce, HealthTech, Sustainable Energy.
  • Innovation: AI, real-time analytics, IoT.
  • Tech: Microservices, cloud, blockchain.
  • Agile: Timely, adaptable.
  • Security: HIPAA, blockchain trust.
  • Partnerships: Long-term commitment.

These cases won’t be featured in our portfolio soon, and for good reason – the privacy and security of our startups take precedence. In the active phase of development, safeguarding our clients and their ideas is our top priority. But while a groundbreaking startup idea is essential, having a seasoned technical partner is equally vital. With the permission of our valued customers, let’s provide a sneak peek into the impactful projects we’ve been handling throughout 2023 and continue to engage with.

1. E-commerce revolution

Quick recap: Our partnership with this e-commerce disruptor introduced groundbreaking features that enhanced the user journey. The implementation of AI- driven product recommendation systems personalized the shopping experience, fostering an environment where users discovered products tailored to their preferences. Prioritizing seamlessness, we optimized the checkout process, significantly improving user satisfaction and conversion rates.

Tech depths commence: To ensure scalability and security, we embraced a microservices architecture, offering flexibility in scaling components independently and establishing a robust, modular system. Addressing the critical concern of security in e-commerce, we integrated blockchain technology to create a secure transaction environment, instilling trust in users and safeguarding sensitive information.

2. HealthTech breakthrough

Quick recap: Toward the end of 2023, we teamed up with a healthtech pioneer to develop a game-changing remote patient monitoring app. Real-time data analytics played a pivotal role in providing comprehensive health insights, empowering both patients and healthcare professionals with timely and accurate information.

Tech depths commence: Leveraging cloud-based infrastructure, we enhanced the scalability and accessibility of the remote patient monitoring platform. The integration of wearables added sophistication, enabling seamless data flow from devices to the centralized platform. Recognizing the sensitivity of health data, we implemented HIPAA-compliant security measures, assuring users that their health information was handled with care and in compliance with industry standards.

3. Sustainable energy

Quick recap: In the pursuit of sustainable solutions, Modsen collaborated on an ambitious project focused on the effectiveness of renewable power systems. Our engagement in sustainable energy involved developing a comprehensive platform for monitoring and optimizing eco-friendly energy sources, aligning with our commitment to positive technological contributions.

Tech depths commence: To address the need for real-time insights, we implemented edge computing, allowing rapid data processing at the source. The incorporation of IoT devices facilitated continuous data collection, enabling the solution to make informed decisions on energy optimization. Artificial Intelligence took centre stage with predictive maintenance algorithms, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of renewable power generation infrastructure.

In these top three ventures, Modsen excelled amidst the challenges of 2023, positioning us as a trusted partner for startups at the forefront of pioneering change, particularly in the domains of medtech and fintech .

Navigating startup challenges

Startups challenges

As we delve into the intricate landscape that startups navigated last year (and let’s be honest: it’s not just about the challenges of 2023 – many problems are eternal, just like the perpetual struggle of starting from scratch), the metaphorical gun on the wall demands attention. Here, we explore the pitfalls that our startup partners faced and unveil our strategic solutions, positioning us as a go-to ally in overcoming these hurdles.

Challenge 1: Agile project management oversight

Startups, fueled by the urgency to bring innovative ideas to market, often find themselves caught in the paradox of rapid development. Such a dynamic environment can sometimes lead to the oversight of Agile Project Management (APM) practices, manifesting in an array of challenges, including:

  • Lack of strategic direction: Without a dedicated focus on APM, startups may experience the absence of a clear roadmap, and prioritization can constrain the efficient allocation of resources, compromising the overall project vision.
  • Increased chaos: Unclear roles and responsibilities, coupled with a lack of transparency, contribute to a fragmented workflow that may hinder progress – a likely scenario in the absence of structured Agile practices.
  • Falling behind schedule: Startups operating without robust APM risk missing critical deadlines, which can have cascading effects, impacting product launches, investor relations, and overall market competitiveness.

Modsen Agile approach

  • Tailored Agile frameworks: Recognizing diverse needs, Modsen tailors Agile frameworks – be it Scrum, Kanban, or a hybrid approach – strategically aligned with each startup’s unique requirements.
  • Adaptability training: Beyond implementation, we ingrain Agile methodologies through adaptability training, fostering a dynamic and responsive mindset within teams.
  • Interactive planning workshops: Collaborative planning workshops involve key stakeholders, ensuring strategic objectives are not just understood but collectively defined.
  • Continuous refinement: Stressing the importance of ongoing optimization, regular retrospective workshops drive iterative changes for enhanced efficiency.

Challenge 2. Quality assurance – The unsung hero

Startups commonly prioritize fast development and cost-effectiveness in their financial management, which is clearly sensible. However, this approach may lead to overlooking the importance of Quality Assurance (QA) in the software development process. This is often expressed as a common misconception: the belief that excellent code does not require extensive QA. Unfortunately, such an attitude exacerbates the following challenges:

  • Code-driven assurance: Relying solely on the quality of the code may lead to a false sense of security. While well-structured code is essential, it doesn’t guarantee the absence of functional, performance, or usability issues that comprehensive QA processes can uncover.
  • User expectation mismatch: Even if the code meets technical standards, it may not align with user expectations and real-world usage scenarios. Ignoring user-centric testing results in products that, while technically sound, fall short in providing a satisfactory user experience.
  • Risk of undetected issues: Exceptional code may handle typical use cases effectively, but hidden edge cases and unforeseen scenarios can still introduce bugs or inconsistencies. From usability concerns to unexpected performance bottlenecks, undetected issues pose a risk to the overall product integrity.

Modsen QA approach

  • Integrated QA culture: Modsen instils a culture where QA is seamlessly integrated throughout the development lifecycle. We stress that code quality, while vital, doesn’t replace the diverse testing scenarios and real-world simulations conducted via QA processes.
  • Transparent QA processes: Our team ensures transparency in QA processes, demonstrating how systematic testing complements code quality. Collaborative sessions and shared documentation provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the value QA contributes to the overall product.
  • Client-inclusive testing protocols: Modsen actively engages clients in testing, encouraging their participation in user scenarios and beta programs to gather firsthand insights and respond promptly to any pitfalls that may arise.

Challenge 3: Project managers – The steering force

In the startup world, founders often believe they can seamlessly integrate project management into their roles, or assume developers alone can handle project complexities. Regardless of the reason, the absence of a dedicated Project Manager (PM) poses challenges:

  • Lack of strategic direction: Without a dedicated and experienced PM, projects may lack a cohesive and well-defined strategic direction, resulting in a fragmented approach to tasks, misaligned priorities, and a failure to meet overarching project goals.
  • Communication breakdowns: Effective communication is the lifeblood of project management. When the PM role is undervalued, communication breakdowns may occur. This can lead to misunderstandings, missed deadlines, and a general lack of cohesion among team members.
  • Inefficiencies in project execution: The absence of a skilled PM can lead to tasks not being optimized, resources being misallocated, and the overall project timeline being extended, impacting time-to-market and potentially escalating costs.

Modsen PM approach

  • Customized project management plans: We don’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach to project management but develop plans tailored to the specific needs, scope, and intricacies of each project to align seamlessly with the unique project requirements.
  • Agile leadership integration: Recognizing the significance of Agile leadership in a startup environment, our training programs empower PMs to lead teams with adaptability and responsiveness, crucial for success in ever-evolving projects.
  • Real-time collaboration tools: Utilizing real-time tools, we facilitate seamless communication among clients, PMs, and development teams, promoting transparency and keeping clients updated, aligning expectations seamlessly with project progress.

Challenge 4: Trust matters: Cybersecurity in startup realms

Cybersecurity concerns pose nuanced challenges for startups, particularly those dealing with sensitive data intricately linked to their innovative concepts:

  • Intellectual property safeguarding: Startups often harbour unique ideas and proprietary algorithms central to their innovation. Cybersecurity becomes paramount not only for protecting sensitive user data but also for safeguarding the intellectual property that forms the core of their business.
  • Reputational risks amplified: In the startup landscape, where trust and perception are pivotal, a security breach can have amplified reputational repercussions. Beyond compromising user data, it puts at stake the very essence of the startup’s innovative concepts, potentially eroding market trust and confidence.
  • Regulatory compliance: Finally, many startups operate in regulated industries, requiring compliance with specific cybersecurity standards and regulations to avoid legal issues.

Modsen security approach

  • Exclusive idea shielding: Through stringent NDAs and clear agreements, we secure your unique ideas and proprietary algorithms, guaranteeing exclusive ownership.
  • Secure work environments: We instil the highest security standards in both employee environments and company culture, safeguarding your startup’s essence and market confidence.
  • Industry-compliant safeguards: Our cybersecurity measures are not generic; they are tailored to meet and exceed industry-specific regulations, fortified by third-party audits and essential certificates for robust intellectual property protection.

Challenge 5: Navigating from ideation to investor-ready

Even the most brilliant ideas require funding, and in startups, this issue is particularly acute. We often hear, ‘I’ll secure funding and…’ Unfortunately, more often than not, nothing happens after that. And here’s why:

  • Struggle with tech documentation: Crafting detailed technical documentation, from tech stack recommendations to system architecture outlines, can be challenging for founders. The absence of a comprehensive blueprint may hinder effective communication with potential investors.
  • Vague investor-ready planning: Transitioning from ideation to investor-ready status demands meticulous planning beyond typical project outlines. Startup owners often struggle to create a comprehensive plan for attracting investors, refining pitch materials, and preparing for due diligence processes.
  • No post-funding roadmap: Securing funding is just the beginning; founders encounter challenges in outlining a clear roadmap for post-funding tech evolution. Scaling the technology stack, expanding the development team, and implementing iterative improvements based on user feedback become crucial aspects of this journey.

Modsen comprehensive approach

  • Estimation and RFP support: Modsen assists startups in estimating technical requirements and crafting comprehensive responses to RFPs. This aids in setting realistic expectations and effective planning for subsequent stages.
  • Resource allocation guidance: We help founders develop resource allocation frameworks, ensuring strategic utilization of funds for maximum impact, in alignment with RFP requirements.
  • Continuous support: Modsen is a devoted partner, providing ongoing support beyond the initial phases. We work with founders to adapt strategies for sustained success.

Instead of conclusion

Navigating the startup landscape is undeniably challenging, but at Modsen, we relish every client’s idea. We see more than products; we see shared aspirations and the potential for positive change. No spark is too small in our world – each holds transformative power.

Yes, it may seem challenging, considering only 1% of startups achieve unicorn status like Uber, Airbnb, Slack, Stripe, and Docker. Yet, armed with our tech knowledge and expertise, we’re ready to turn the odds in your favour.

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