Top development trends in 2022

Top Development
Trends in 2022

Trends are changing fast with newly emerging technologies, thus, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest trends and be ready to alter and upgrade the technological side of the business. Current events like the pandemic come into play, but in addition to that, mobile devices continue to become more powerful, and privacy and safety have become top-of-mind for many
people. So, we present 10 web development trends of 2022 that will help inform and inspire people to implement new technologies for the web.

1. Back-end Development

In back-end software development, there are already visible changes in the way
servers are used and managed. New trends see serverless architecture (developing services without managing servers) and running a server neither on physical nor on virtual hardware. Enterprises can enjoy the benefits of the back-end as a service and custom back-end development depending on the project’s specific needs.

Node.js & Express

Node.js is one of the most popular technologies among developers who constantly work on improving it. Node.js performs high-level data streaming as it works well with real-time handling of large amounts of information. It is also suitable for developing software for different platforms regardless of the underlying operating system.

Express is a web framework for Node.js applications characterized by speed, agility, and minimalism in the design. It provides a wide set of features for mobile and web applications. With its many HTTP service methods and middleware, building a robust API is quick and easy.


Python is also extremely versatile and well-designed, ranking first in popularity among programming languages. Serving as a platform-independent language, Python is widely used for cross-platform development. Thanks to its readability and tech stack, Python is ideal when it comes to the area of Machine Learning. Django is a Python web framework with regular updates and a responsive community making it even more popular. Django is considered fast, secure, and efficient providing robust security features. Numerous enterprises and small startups use Django for their specific needs due to its cross-platform features, flexibility and reliability.
Enterprises that go for back-end development enhance their business’s operations by a number of points depending on what programming language is used and what goals are to be achieved. On our part, we will work on other back-end projects to extend the list of our back-end services for 2022.

2. Front-end Development

No other web development discipline evolves as fast as front-end development. Thus, adopting the latest front-end techniques in a quick software development ecosystem
is always in demand.
React image


Angular Image


Vue image


The term front-end refers to that side of the website which a client or web user encounters. Thus, a well-made user interface allows businesses to:
  • create an enhanced impression;
  • improve branding and, in this way, increase the chances of
    converting visitors;
  • provide better navigation;
  • improve visitor retention;
  • build trust and reliability with website users.

3. Progressive Web Applications

PWA is a web application that uses web browser APIs and features to make a cross-platform web app look like a native one and bring the same experience. The popularity of progressive web applications is gaining momentum with every next year.

There are some critical advantages that PWA offers:
  • Users can continue browsing the website even if the Internet is down.
  • PWA pages can be less than 1MB in size. This gives a great advantage to the mobile-first world, in which we live.
  • Sending push notifications to remind users of the new content favors retention rates.
  • PWAs are installed straight from the web browser to any device. This is conducive to better user experience and customer loyalty.
  • Increased page-load speed presupposes lower user abandonment.
  • PWAs use HTTPS to eliminate risks of security breaches, content tAMPering, and more.
  • PWAs are cross-platform making them more responsive to changes and their installment faster and more cost-effective.
All the points considered above make the necessity of developing PWAs today evident. Providing users with this wide range of possibilities, progressive web app development takes the central stage in software development trends.

4. Voice search

Voice recognition technology has taken the lead in the recent web development trends. Consumers recognize the value they are getting from voice assistants making more voice searches. Besides, smart speakers are becoming more commonplace in households around the globe. It is estimated that the number of smart speakers will grow up to 163 million units making a 21% growth in the world market. SEO marketers now see the value of optimizing voice search as it:
  • saves time requiring neither typing nor opening the browser;
  • is equipped with multilingual abilities (Google’s voice search on mobile devices is now available in over 100 languages);
  • offers convenience due to hand-free and keyboard-free use;
  • expands your mobile app boundaries as voice navigation and control on smaller screens is more convenient;
The points above prove its effectiveness to users and its positive impact on retention rates and customer satisfaction. This indicates why any business seeking to attract the most possible inbound traffic to its website must implement voice recognition to move forward.

5. Security

Vulnerability to cyber threats is increasing as more data is kept in the virtual space. Thus, modern development technologies have to keep up with its pace and provide effective cybersecurity measures for businesses to respond to cyber-attacks. Web developers work hard to make their products detect fraud attempts and unauthorized access to personal data.

Cloud adoption has accelerated dramatically in recent years, in particular, after the Covid-19 outbreak. Thus, professional digital developers are looking for more robust, agile and scalable security options to secure this option.
Large and complex web applications are further hard to safeguard making automation as well as cyber security to be a key concept of the software development process
Artificial Intelligence with a combination of machine learning has brought tremendous changes in cybersecurity. In 2022, it will gain even more importance in building automated security systems, controlling data and predicting new attacks.

With the size of data multiplying every day, it is notable that automation gains a greater prominence. Thus, large and complex web applications are further hard to safeguard making automation as well as cyber security to be a key concept of the software development process.

6. Customization

The cycle of interaction between the client and the company is constantly being improved. At the heart of this is the effectiveness of data analysis, which is fueled by the development of AI and machine learning.

Customization isn’t an innovation in web development but a gradually evolving feature working on two sides: between developers and their customers, and between businesses and their clients. With so many tools capable of doing the same things, developers will need to be empowered to customize solutions without disrupting how they prefer to do things. In businesses’ turn, they need to remain customer-centric and drive their attention to personalized experiences for website visitors to stay relevant in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace.

Even in the previous years, 89% of businesses were investing in personalization as a critical strategy for their current and future success. And this number is gradually rising with the latest tech trends. Depending on the size, industry of the business and the need for personalization, enterprises are free to choose personalization technology stacks consisting of a single or a set of personalization tools.

7. Accessibility

In this world, access is a right, not a privilege. We can see that global awareness of disability has grown significantly backed up by lawsuits filed under the ADA involving inaccessible websites. Truly successful companies have accepted this long-term change to how they do business and have gotten on with the business of changing how their business works and ensuring they remain accessible indefinitely.

There are some good reasons to tackle your web accessibility issues:
  • Brand Integrity. Active measures on web accessibility will increase the chances that your site visitors will speak well of you within their social circles.
  • Brand Integrity. Active measures on web accessibility will increase the chances that your site visitors will speak well of you within their social circles.
  • Financial Rewards. It’s better to spend money now on accessibility than on costly legal expenses and emergency design upgrades.
  • Extended Market Reach. The US market of people with disabilities is 61 million adults, making every fourth US citizen live with it. Accessibility often improves the online experience for all users.
  • Innovation. Accessibility features in products and services often solve unanticipated problems.

8. Artificial Intelligence-Powered Chatbots

Chatbots scheme
The non-dying trend of recent years remains relevant no matter what. At the moment, they cope with most of the simple questions quite well. In 2022, chatbots will be able to take on increasingly complex functions. From simple advisors for solving simple issues, they are gradually turning into a separate multifunctional service. The potential for the development and integration of creative mechanics looks very significant.

Businesses work to adapt to the changes in Internet use – mobile auditory prevails over desktop one with messengers as one of the most popular mobile apps. And due to changing Internet behavior patterns, customers show more requirements towards services provided.
Therefore, many enterprises see an urgent need into integrating AI-powered chatbots, as they:
  • Increase user engagement;
  • Reduce user service costs (57% of executives said that chatbots bring significant ROI with minimal effort);
  • Monitor consumer data to gain insights;
  • Achieve scalability of support;
  • Make the user experience smoother;
  • and more.

9. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is one of the emerging technologies in web development. Because mobile users are growing day by day, AMP is designed to quickly load mobile sites.
With their website being more user-friendly and more accessible, companies can save costs on UX while increasing their reachability
The principal advantages of a site or web pages changing to AMP are:
  • Ad and Analytics. AMP HTML is coded in a way to enhance the overall usability of the banners, higher ad viewability rates on AMP.
  • Reduced Load Time. AMP is specially developed to reduce the loading time of the content.
  • Low Bounce Rate. Improved mobile compatibility and reduced loading time lower the bounce rate of the website effectively.
  • Enhanced SEO. Since there is no need to customize your web content, search engines can easily discover your web page.
  • Adjustment on any browser. Web pages can also be molded in any browser type.
  • Mobile-Friendly. AMPs are accessible across all devices making them an ideal mobility solution.
This list proves why many website owners need to look for an AMP development company to upgrade their website into AMP sites. With their website being more user-friendly and more accessible, companies can save costs on UX while increasing their reachability.

10. Elements of 3D and Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is a powerful tool to enrich user experience; businesses can leverage it for various experiences such as e-commerce, trade shows, virtual showrooms, and more. This technology is especially relevant during today’s uncertain times when many brands need to accelerate their digitization to better serve clients online.

Despite all of the promise, it is only now, since the rise of powerful smartphone technology, that AR is finally a mainstream reality. According to recent research, there will be an estimated 1.1 billion mobile AR users worldwide in 2022. In this way, many brands and organizations can reap the benefits of using augmented reality:
  • It increases engagement and interaction and provides a richer user experience;
  • AR increases the perceived value of products and brands thanks to real-life measurements for products;
  • It increases sales (in e-commerce);
  • It is mobile and personal and, thus, widely accessible to a rapidly growing smartphone market;
  • AR is an inexpensive alternative to other media platforms as no specific media needs to be purchased.

The Takeaway

All these web development trends will help you not only keep abreast of new products and development but also optimize the design of the website. The main point is to start integrating them now so that 2022 can be met fully armed, and your site will be at the top in terms of user experience and promotion.
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