An interview with Head of Business Development

Modsen as a top-tier software development partner. An interview with Head of Business Development

The success of any software development project relies heavily on a vast number of elements, and, let’s face it, only a selected few are lucky to have all of them in place. According to the statistics, as much as 71% of all projects are destined to fail. What does Modsen do to ensure that each and every idea that comes to our hands succeeds? We asked Paul Kirikov, Head of Business Development to share the secrets to becoming an impeccable software development partner who builds competitive products that revolutionize businesses and conquer top app ratings.
Interviewer: Hi, Paul! We’re so glad our interview series has finally made its way to you. Thank you for setting aside some time to talk to us amid your ever-busy schedule. Paul: Hi! You’re welcome, and I’m always happy to have a chat about Modsen.
Paul Kirikov
I: We knew whom to approach! For starters, how has the new 2023 year been treating you and your team so far? What about clients’ sentiments? P: As a rule, the beginning of the year is considered a calm, measured period: the winter holiday season is coming to an end, and businesses are getting back on track. But 2023 in this regard is surprising, as from its first days our clients have shown readiness for active cooperation. Every day our Sales Department gets dozens of offers and inquiries, and we noticed that the majority of our partners express the opinion that sooner or later this turbulent period will come to a close, and those who have managed to boost their efficiency during the time of crisis will find themselves in a winning position. I: That’s a curious insight. Today we’d like to have a detailed talk about cooperation, in-house processes, team, and expertise that make Modsen a unique and wanted partner in the software development market. And let’s start off with a question unexpected for our readers: how would you describe a perfect client? P: Well-well… A perfect client is the one who has a clear understanding of what IT resources they need, and how much time they can give us to complete the project; the one who is ready to meet us halfway to achieve top-notch results. Such client is well aware of the market deficit of high-end IT specialists. Apart from that, an impeccable customer knows what outstaff expert or team one requires: their role, expertise level, competencies, tech stack, etc. Client feedback on project team members is also paramount, and, of course, readiness for close cooperation with managers. We usually work with clients who are not inclined to sudden pointless rejections of certain outstaff specialists. But if any disagreement emerges, Modsen engineers instantly turn to company managers skilled in settling differences. I: That was quite a comprehensive description, thank you. My next question is about Modsen as a perfect partner for successful software project implementation. It’s a bit philosophical but crucial, from my perspective: what is the main goal for Modsen when it comes to partnerships? What do you focus on in the first place? P: Modsen team has always been result-oriented. It’s vital for us to build a high-quality product within the deadline. To date, we’ve reached the level where technologies influence all aspects of our private and social life, and our team keeps in mind that their work is targeted at making life in the XXIst century even more comfortable and agile. I’d compare such team sentiments with the era of the industrial revolution when a lot of the most important steps in the development of our society were made. To cut it short, we always focus on client interests and requirements, on product quality, and deadlines. I: Sounds great. But achieving these goals must be challenging. What difficulties do you and your team often face and how do you overcome them? P: Certainly, we meet a lot of obstacles on our way: from lack of client trust to communication problems. But our team is ready for them as we know how to tackle issues of various complexity levels. We put emphasis on our expertise since we understand that the client choice of a software development vendor for the most part relies on our in-house tech aces and managers. Modsen specialists master new approaches and methodologies that are actively used on projects. Our tech department also never stops improving their skills and acquiring new certificates to be a few steps ahead of competitors. I can tell you a lot about the challenges we encounter but the key thing here is that we are ready to face them. As they say, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, and every one of us makes that step daily doing our job.
Head of Business Development
I: How beautifully said. Well, let’s get into detail. For the majority of clients, the relevant team experience in the development of similar projects is crucial. From this point of view, how is the team selection process organized? P: That’s correctly noted. Relevant experience is one of the key aspects clients usually pay close attention to. For them, getting senior-level engineers is not enough - they seek experts who can guarantee exceptional product quality and, consequently, bring our client’s business to a brand new level. That’s why it’s so important for us to get a thorough description of the requirements our partner puts forward before choosing a specialist or assembling a project team. If we are given the information, our tech top manager will be able to select the necessary experts in the shortest time possible. Expert selection is the responsibility of heads of tech departments, closely monitored by CTO. This is the only approach that can guarantee the quality our clients anticipate. I: And if we’re talking about case studies? How many Modsen projects are under NDA? And if there is a lot of such, how then can a client verify your experience and expertise? P: Yes, a lot of projects we’ve developed are under NDA, which means any details can’t be disclosed. But over the years of Modsen existence, we managed to develop more than 200 multi-scale cross-industry projects , and it implies that we can openly show our clients how we will build the desired product. The majority of our partners gladly post their feedback on our cooperation on Clutch platform or share their Modsen partnership experience with our potential clients in person. I: Apart from tech expertise, the quality of the communication process plays a key role in delivering top-tier software products. But it is also one of the most worrisome points for clients. How is the communication process organized at Modsen? What do you do to ensure convenient interaction and avoid misunderstandings between business people and developer engineers? P: For sure, the communication issue adds up to the client doubts when choosing a reliable software development partner. The solution here lies in the properly-organized project management. At Modsen we adhere to Agile methodologies. They ensure that our partners are well aware of the project development progress which leads to a higher level of engagement and customer satisfaction and contributes to the creation of trusting relationships. The use of Agile practices guarantees optimal and transparent product development timeframes, enhancement of the process, innovative approach, quality feedback, and ability to make changes even at the final project development stages. Short sprints allow our clients to monitor all the work phases and observe interim results. In such a way we avoid any misinterpretations between business people and developers. I’d add that in Agile, an experienced manager creates the necessary conditions, provides extensive support, coaches, and monitors the ambiance within the team. Speaking from experience, the project where our team communicates face-to-face with the client is the most productive and comfortable for both parties.
Agile methodology
I: I’m sure you’ve left our readers no room for doubt in the efficiency of project development supervision at Modsen. Another point I’d like to cover: for the majority of clients, swift project launch is as important as its timely completion. Tell us, how Modsen manages to comply with 100% of deadlines? P: Deadline compliance is by far the most important requirement we have to observe. From the practical side of the issue, it’s always better to have the timeframe documented. At the negotiation stage, we offer our clients to see the contract where we clearly specify the question of deadlines. It provides both sides with certain guarantees. I: What about post-product-launch customer support? How is this process organized? P: Post-development support goes without saying. As soon as we finish the project, the client is guaranteed to have free-of-charge product servicing during the next 3 months. As I’ve mentioned before, clients’ interests are our top priority so we’re open to discussions about further product support.
Head of Business Development at Modsen
I: Sounds tempting. I can already hear your potential partners clicking the “Book a call” button on Modsen website. Well, the picture you’ve drawn is almost clear. The final question I’d like to ask you is about Modsen qualities, unique on the market. Something that singles you out among other software development companies. P: Haha, you’ve saved the most intriguing question for dessert. Well, the IT services market is a varied one, and every client will be able to find the software development partner they need. But before making a choice, it’s important to ask yourself a question: “What product do I want to get at the end?”. And here is when the selection process should begin. Modsen company is a team of high-end professionals dedicated to making this century more convenient for people and businesses. We are always open to dialogue and ready to delve into our clients’ projects to deliver top-notch cost-effective solutions within a short period of time. We are ready to provide them with senior-level engineers or teams of specialists carefully hand-selected by tech top managers and CTO. Readiness to discuss every contract point, provide a free trial period, ensure the transparency of the communication process, and build an innovative product that will help businesses evolve - all of that and many more our partners get from cooperation with Modsen. It’s not for nothing our motto reads “Helping to grow your business with smart tech”. These are exactly the words Modsen managers tell our potential customers, who always make the final choice. And we respect it whatever the answer may be. I: Well, Paul, I can’t thank you enough for such a detailed and substantive interview! Wishing you and your team to keep it up and conquer new ambitious heights! P: The pleasure is mine, thank you for the talk! ***The choice of a reliable software development vendor is a challenging task that doesn’t forgive mistakes. Invest in proven quality and expertise. Treat your business with the best. Choose Modsen.
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