Healthcare Software Development

The process of developing healthcare software is similar to the approach that our clients take to treat their patients. Just as doctors carefully examine a patient’s case and choose the appropriate treatment plan, our team of healthcare software developers conducts thorough research on your business and selects the best technology tools to create a custom software solution that meets your specific needs, striving to contribute to the quality of your medical services and enhance patient satisfaction.

Healthcare Software Development

Custom Software Solutions for Healthcare

No other industry faces the same level of responsibility as software development for medicine. The correctly chosen solution and timely technology integration in healthcare will help improve the treatment quality and rapidness, meaning a lot of people will benefit.

Project skills boost

Project skills boost

Need some expert assistance for your healthcare project? Our IT outsourcing services have got you covered. We offer various models to fill the skill gaps in your team and provide you with highly qualified healthcare software engineers who will swiftly merge into your development process.

Software integration

Software integration

We’ll integrate your programs and databases with suitable medical applications to build a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem. Our expertise in software integration for healthcare enables us to create customised solutions that cater to the specific needs of your facility.

Custom product development

Custom product development

Both large and small medical facilities show a growing need for custom healthcare software products. Long-term and immediate advantages of tailor-made products are undeniable, even though the process may be complex. You have a unique opportunity to use only those functions that you and your patients necessitate.


Ekaterina Zharikova

Certified Healthcare Service Delivery Professional at Modsen

”We take pride in bringing together such an impressive pool of top-class developer engineers and consultants enjoying 10+ years of experience in implementing the most complex software solutions for the healthcare industry. Our team works cohesively and energetically, treating each project with responsibility and dedication, just like a surgeon when approaching a complicated operation.”

Tech-Induced Medicine Progress

For top-quality medical app development, your project team needs to have expert knowledge in programming technologies. All processes should be smooth to ensure timely and accurate exchange of patient health information. At Modsen, we offer profound expertise and solid experience in high-end technology to create custom healthcare software solutions with broad functionality and impeccable performance. Trust us to build your unique product with the attention to detail and expertise that your healthcare project deserves.

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Healthcare Software

Custom software plays a crucial role in ensuring that healthcare facilities run smoothly and that patients receive the care they need. Our healthcare software development services specialise in creating solutions that promote compatibility within facilities, enhance patient convenience, and support accurate diagnosis and positive treatment outcomes.

IoT in medicine
IoT in medicine

Remote patient monitoring is becoming a norm. We upgrade it with options of online patient data collection, processing, and visualisation. Smart gadgets, blood pressure, and cardiac activity trackers, sleep, and physical activity monitoring – you’ll have all of this healthcare technology options at your fingertips.

Mobile apps
Mobile apps

This kind of product can be useful for better employee interaction and automation of day-to-day routine operations. Healthcare mobile apps also offer a convenient way to communicate with and take care of the patients and provide personalised help to patients in clinics.

Big data usage
Big data usage

Medical service providers will have an opportunity to collect, store, and analyze patient health data from various sources. Big data storage and usage improves decision-making and patient treatment results.


Modern technology allows the development of telemedicine apps enabling patients to consult doctors online. Using smart technologies, healthcare professionals can monitor patients remotely.

CRM for Healthcare
CRM for Healthcare

Hospital information systems ensure efficient functioning of healthcare facilities and help tune up a smooth interaction between the subdivisions and eliminate critical human errors.


Every medical record and treatment profile is stored at hand. You also get access to the information of other medical service providers, labs, and patient treatment specialists. Extensive data provide the full picture for making the right, balanced decision.

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Let’s schedule a discussion of your ideas on how to improve the quality of medical services. Our technology expertise will be of great use.

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Modsen Healthcare Software Development Benefits

Selecting a competent healthcare software developer is as essential as choosing a good doctor for a patient. Start building your high-quality chain of patient care through our expert software development services.

Agile culture

The quality of healthcare software development projects depends on the initial settings. While many teams may use Scrum or Kanban, Modsen offers extensive experience and practical skills in building efficient software development processes.

Data safety

We put up a detailed risk reduction plan for using medical software and control it throughout the entire project duration. With the latest cybersecurity measures for healthcare applied, your data will be protected, and medical software compliance with all national regulations will be ensured.

Best UX/UI practices

Medical services should be rendered in close connection with the comfort for each party involved. We’ll help you create a user-friendly healthcare app design and improve user experience as much as possible. Simple and easy software navigation is the key to fast collection and analysis of the required information.

Cost optimization

Our team ensures that we add only the necessary functions during integration or custom software development, solving only the problems that emerge. We guarantee full immersion into your problem and the generation of optimal and effective ideas, leading to cost optimisation.

Market conformity

Developing software that meets regulatory requirements and industry standards is a top priority for Modsen. Our team ensures that our software conforms to the necessary regulations and guidelines, such as those set by FDA, ONC, KBV, and more, providing our clients with peace of mind and successful approval processes.

Reports and KPI achievement

Reports and KPI achievement

In all of our projects, we come up with a wide range of ways to control our engineers and offer transparent online performance reports. All planned KPIs related to healthcare software development are tracked and achieved according to deadlines.

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Senior-level software engineers

Senior-level software engineers

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High-quality code and transparent code delivery

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