st valentine's day

From Modsen with love

We’re halfway through February which means it’s time to tell about our feelings those who we love and cherish. But this year we decided to go further and ask our team what they love most of all. This was the idea that marked Valentine’s Day at Modsen office.

Modsen engineers

As usual, our colleagues took active part in the in-house event and some variants they shared were sweetly extraordinary.

Modsen developer

Obviously, we couldn’t possibly go without confessing warm feelings for coding languages.

React JS

And of course what unites us all - is love for our common goals, colleagues, and team. #modsenloveforever.

Modsen specialists

On behalf of Modsen, we send our congratulations on this sweetest holiday to everyone. And the main thing we’d like to say is that:

  • love definitely exists and when you find it, you’ll become truly happy, which is what we sincerely desire for you;

  • don’t be shy about your feelings, share them, it will save our world.

From Modsen with love!

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