Modsen Halloween party


The dusk of Halloween is spreading the spirit of mystery and enthusiasm. Wonderful creatures are setting their feet on our modern fast-paced world waiting to harvest desired treats and ready to do their tricks on us. And because it is Modsen’s favorite holiday, we made sure to set the proper ambiance for the greatest celebration of this fall.

Modsen Halloween cakes

First things first, our team decided to get a proper dress to disguise themselves among the breathtaking creatures of impending Halloween. The notorious Jack O’Lantern joined the celebration to light our way in pair with gorgeous fairies and even more various creatures to light up the party. 

Jack O’Lantern

As the party was gathered, the only thing left to take care of was a proper background. Our HR department was fully committed to creating a suitable atmosphere. We took a new look at redesigning our offices with webs, bats, and custom-made pumpkins accompanying us during that evening. And with the cozy lightning followed by a dedicated set of desserts, we were ready to delve right into the celebration. 

Modsen Halloween team building

From this moment, rigorous battles in table tennis to smooth pool gameplay have begun setting a competitive spirit on this festive evening. Once we’ve warmed up, the competition for the best costume has begun setting the row of the most wondrous attires gathered on Halloween. To our surprise, things took quite an unstable turn. 

Horse mask

Halloween’s special quiz followed by a fascinating quest posed a great riddle to solve. But with our team fruitful cooperation, we’ve managed to unravel the mysteries and level up our creativity. The celebration went even better than we could expected. Our professional team had the experience to remember and mustered its strength to work on our client’s projects with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

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