Modsen's team building

Colors of collaboration: Modsen's art team-building

Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal, and unification. On the first day of this beautiful time of year, Modsen organized a creative team building activity. As a result, a few dozen more paintings were added to this world!

A picture of lemons

Did you know that drawing helps reduce stress levels, improves mood, enhances creative thinking, and boosts concentration and mindfulness? Our company cares about the psychological well-being of our employees, which is why the choice of theme for the team building activity was not incidental. The participants found that this evening not only deepened their connections with colleagues but also revitalized their spirits. 

Modsen software engineer

Even though all the employees were provided with the same template for drawing, each one created a distinct piece of art — their own individual masterpiece featuring lemons. 

Art space

Furthermore, we realized how important it is to have diverse and talented individuals on our team. We found that our success depends on the individuality of each person as well as the unity of our community. In Modsen, we really attach great importance to the selection of employees. 

Modsen professional

In conclusion, we would like to add that the most important thing in creativity is self-belief. And when you have a wonderful team of colleagues supporting you, you can achieve incredible results. As Teppei Kiesi said, "We support each other not because we are in the same team. We support each other, and that's why we are a team!" 

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