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Modsen at Next Block Expo: Igniting Web3 Innovation

Multikino Złote Tarasy, Warsaw, played host to an extraordinary event on May 24 and 25 - the Next Block Expo. With participants from all corners of the world, this large-scale gathering brought together the most influential figures and groundbreaking projects in the Web3 space.

Next Block Expo presentation

The summit featured captivating presentations, insightful reports on the main stages, engaging round tables and seminars, vibrant networking areas, and captivating photo zones. NBX served as a remarkable platform for startups and established blockchain companies to discuss current challenges and delve into unexplored avenues.

Our representative, Liliya S., shares her impressions of the summit:

Modsen sales manager comment

At Modsen, we believe that participating in events like this showcases our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends. It allows us to align ourselves with leading companies and learn from their experiences in utilizing modern technologies, thereby enhancing our expertise in the blockchain industry. Moreover, it offers an excellent opportunity to establish potential partnerships and explore collaborative projects with like-minded individuals.

Next Block Expo conference

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