Advertising analytics platform

Advertising analytics platform
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Improvement of the conversion rate parameters and the possibility to demonstrate personalized content.

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Advanced analytics platform for tracking user behavior and various target audiences.

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Tech stack

Python, JavaScript, Node, React.


An actively growing American startup. The client is involved in the development of technologically advanced solutions for marketing and advertising. One of its core products is a large business analytics platform. The company is a provider for customers of various scales.


Following the development and successful testing of a test version of the core product, our client faced the problem of scale-up and extension of the software functionality. The client asked Modsen to provide the missing expertise.

Our partner outlined the following principal tasks for product improvement:

  • improvement of the code base of the app
  • elimination of restrictions on the number of clients using the test platform
  • analysis of large amounts of data and generation of reports on advertising campaigns
  • elaboration of software documentation
  • convenient visualization and user-friendly interface


Using the Agile philosophy on the project, Modsen’s development engineers started the improvement of the platform according to the client’s needs. We built a high-performance flexible platform with a number of external integrations. travel and hospitality industry During the development stage, we achieved the following objectives:

  • significant improvement of microservice scale-up resulting from adequate refactoring
  • update of the app code base in line with the rapid growth, scalability, and increasing business requirements of the company
  • unlimited number of platform users with all the related tools and capabilities for running effective advertising campaigns
  • generation of analytical reports, detailed information about the outcomes of various advertising activities, and demonstration of achievement of the parameters planned
  • thoroughly elaborated UI/UX design of the platform, user-friendly app interface, convenient navigation and search for all the required information
Advertising platform


A team of 5 Modsen software developers was assigned to this project. They still cooperate with our client on other technical solutions.

  • considerable improvement in the efficiency of advertising campaign parameters
  • effective adjustments based on the existing analytical reports
  • increased reach and involvement of the target audience

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