Application for medical equipment provision

Application for pharmaceutical companymedical provisionApplication for pharmaceutical company


Modification of the existing out-of-date app.


Development of top-notch, robust, and customized software based on the preceding software product.

Tech stack

.Net, MS SQL, Apache Cassandra, Angular, Azure.


Our client is a leading German company that specializes in providing industry-specific software to medical equipment suppliers. Their customer base spans globally, with goods being delivered worldwide. By offering innovative solutions, they enable efficient operations for their clients, enhancing healthcare services by streamlining procurement, inventory management, and delivery processes. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has established them as a preferred choice in the field, and they continuously strive to meet the evolving needs of medical equipment suppliers.

Medical app interface


The previous software for medical equipment provision was over 10 years old when the client approached Modsen. The app couldn’t effectively organize the delivery process, lacking necessary functions, as well as an up-to-date layout and design.

    That’s why it was crucial for the client to upgrade the solution, enabling it to handle current business tasks and outperform competitors as a top-tier application. The key points to incorporate were as follows:

    • Functionality to optimize procure medical equipment and manage inventory in real time;
    • Implementation of filters for supplier and goods search, including prices, delivery and payment conditions, expiration date, etc.;
    • Online goods delivery tracking;
    • Implementation of an order management system;
    • Warehouse inventory accounting system;
    • Synchronization of provided health services with the supply of necessary medical equipment;



    Project manager


    Business Analyst


    Team lead


    Software Developers


    DevOps engineer


    QA engineers

    Modsen software developers



    To facilitate seamless project management and comprehensive requirement analysis, a dedicated project manager and business analyst were assigned. The development team was flexible in adapting to the project’s evolving requirements, expanding or reducing its size as needed. This approach ensured optimal resource allocation and expertise to achieve successful outcomes. Clear deadlines were established, and a suitable budget was allocated to facilitate the development of innovative software for medical equipment provision. Effective channels of communication were established to ensure seamless collaboration throughout the project.

    Project initiation


    Once the development stage was prepared, the Modsen team promptly embarked on the project, diligently examining the existing logic of the outdated app. It was crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding of the processes at that time to establish a solid foundation for an enhanced product. To manage this, the team conducted thorough research and analysis, which involved market research, identifying the target audience, and addressing any potential limitations. Extensive documentation was carried out as well.

    Our dedicated UI/UX design experts created an initial mockup to align the solution with the client’s expectations. Incorporating client feedback early on ensured a final product that delivers an exceptional user experience.

    Healthcare project discovery


    The development process was guided by a comprehensive plan that included defining necessary infrastructure requirements, designing the architecture, and creating a detailed implementation roadmap. Modsen adopted an Agile approach to ensure efficient development, utilizing two-week scrum sprints.

    Healthcare software planning

    The medical software underwent an iterative development process, prioritizing flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement. The development phase consisted of distinct stages, with each stage focusing on addressing specific technical details.


    Healthcare project infrastructureModsen employed cutting-edge cloud computing solutions to establish a scalable and flexible infrastructure. Leveraging Azure Services, the team secured reliable server resources. The application’s infrastructure was designed to harness the benefits of cloud services, enabling seamless scalability and on-demand resource allocation. Additionally, Modsen’s DevOps engineers implemented robust database management systems that were optimized for cloud environments, guaranteeing efficient data storage and retrieval. The cloud-based approach facilitated rapid development iterations, streamlined collaboration, and provided a cost-effective solution for our client’s software development needs.


    The team of seasoned architects and engineers at Modsen leveraged a combination of core technologies to design an optimized architecture for the application. Through the use of microservices architecture, containerization with Docker, and container orchestration with k8s, the team ensured scalability, flexibility, and efficient resource management. Furthermore, they implemented industry-standard protocols and frameworks, such as RESTful APIs, to enable seamless integration with other systems and promote interoperability. To prioritize security, robust measures were employed, including encryption, access controls, and authentication protocols. By incorporating these core technologies, Modsen’s experts empowered the future software to adapt and meet the evolving needs and demands of the provision chain.

    Code implementation

    Following best practices and industry standards, the developers transformed the architectural design into actual code. Leveraging the robust tech stack consisting of .Net, Angular, SQL, and Cassandra, they meticulously crafted the solution’s functionality and implemented the desired features. By harnessing the power of .Net, a robust and scalable backend was achieved, while Angular enabled the team to create a dynamic and interactive user interface. The integration of SQL and Cassandra databases facilitated efficient data storage, retrieval, and management. Throughout the process, the developers strictly adhered to coding guidelines, ensuring code quality, readability, and maintainability. Collaboration among team members was enhanced through the effective utilization of version control systems and collaborative development tools.

    Quality assurance

    Throughout the development phase, comprehensive testing and quality assurance activities were performed for building a scalable solution for medical equipment provision. The process encompassed unit testing, integration testing, and system testing to validate the functionality, performance, and reliability of the application. Bugs and issues were promptly identified and addressed to ensure a high-quality end product.

    Deployment and iterative refinement

    As individual software modules reached stable states, the developers deployed them incrementally. Such an approach allowed for early user feedback and refinement, securing that the solution aligned closely with the client’s expectations and evolving requirements.


    Regular demonstrations were conducted to showcase the medical application’s features and functionalities, providing an opportunity for the client to give feedback, validate requirements, and ensure that the solution aligned with their expectations.

    Third-party audit

    As part of the team’s commitment to security and reliability, the software underwent thorough third-party audits. External experts conducted comprehensive assessments, including technical and security audits, to validate the platform’s robustness and compliance with industry standards. This process aimed to obtain certifications that instilled confidence in the quality and reliability of the solution.

    Acceptance testing

    Before the final delivery, Modsen collaborated closely with the client to conduct extensive acceptance testing. The process involved validating the end product against the client’s specific requirements, ensuring that it met their expectations and delivered the desired functionalities.


    Once the development of the software for medical equipment provision was completed, the team concluded the project by seamlessly transitioning the software into production. They delivered the comprehensive package to the client, which included the source code of the delivered application and all the essential documentation: detailed technical specifications, business analysis documents, and architectural diagrams, facilitating the client’s deep understanding of the solution’s internal mechanics. Furthermore, the team crafted a user-friendly and informative user guide to secure effortless adoption and smooth utilization of the product by end-users. Modsen’s commitment to providing comprehensive deliverables ensured a successful handover and equipped the client with the necessary resources for ongoing support and future enhancements.

    Healthcare application


    Drawing from the insights gathered during the analysis, a radical transformation of the architecture and logic of the previous product was undertaken, resulting in the development of a brand-new, innovative product. The modernized software incorporated several cutting-edge solutions, including:

    Revamped app roles:

    The application introduced three distinct roles: delivery and inventory management, health services management, and administrator. This restructuring provided users with tailored functionalities and streamlined their interactions within the system. Users were empowered to choose their preferred data storage location, whether it be a local network or the cloud.

    Barcode-driven inventory management:

    Leveraging barcode technology, the inventory management system was revolutionized. Each item was assigned a unique barcode, enabling the database to provide comprehensive information such as technical parameters, expiration date, date of receipt, and price. This barcode-based approach significantly improved efficiency and accuracy in managing and tracking inventory for medical supplies.

    Enhanced user interface:

    The user interface underwent a significant overhaul, resulting in an upgraded and user-friendly design. Users gained the flexibility to choose custom themes that suited their preferences. Additionally, a chat feature was implemented to facilitate seamless communication among app users. Advanced search capabilities based on multiple parameters were also introduced, enabling users to quickly locate and access the information they needed.

    Multifunctional order management:

    The solution included a robust order management system with extensive functionalities. Users could modify delivery statuses, assign specific warehouse facilities, and receive notifications when procurement of a particular item was required.

    Seamless calendar synchronization:

    The calendar systems for health services delivery and item procurement were integrated, enabling seamless synchronization. This synchronization ensured effective coordination between the availability of health services and the supply of necessary medical equipment. Hence, patient care was enhanced, and operational efficiency was optimized.

    Through these innovative ideas and technological advancements, the outdated app was successfully transformed into a cutting-edge medical solution. The team’s dedication produced a state-of-the-art application that effectively addressed the existing challenges and positioned the client as a trailblazer in the industry.


    The development process resulted in significant benefits for the client, including:

    • Successful implementation and utilization of the software in 23 countries, enabling streamlined operations across a wide global customer base;
    • Positive client feedback, with users praising the application’s agility and customization options, leading to a satisfaction rate of over 90%;
    • Improved speed and quality of patient care, with an average reduction of 30% in processing time and an increase of 25% in accuracy and efficiency;

    Through the development of this state-of-the-art software solution, we assisted the client in overcoming their challenges, streamlining their operations, and delivering exceptional services to their customers in the medical equipment industry.


    countries implemented


    client satisfaction


    improved patient care speed and quality


    Improved Monitoring and Adjustments

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