Web application For banking Services

application for banking services
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Incorporate a personal financial manager.

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Develop an app based on micro frontends, build an intuitive app interface.

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Tech stack

React, TypeScript, Redux, Cypress, React testing library, Webpack Federation.


The client that set out this challenge for the Modsen team is a West-European commercial bank that provides services to juridical and natural persons. In recent years, digital philosophy has been the cornerstone of the bank’s strategy. Following it, our client is striving to digitalize and automate its major client-oriented operations.


Our team was faced with the challenge of building a competitive app functioning as a personal online financial manager for the bank’s clients. The principal points to be incorporated included:

  • Develop financial analytics widgets;
  • Develop a financial analytics page;
  • Adapt the app to the mobile version;
  • Build app functionality for creating automatic payments and templates;
  • Incorporate testing screenshots;
  • Increased text coverage of the app;
  • Perform horough testing and bug fixing.
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online financial manager


As soon as the detailed discussion on the project’s technical task was finished, the Modsen team promptly came up with the necessary solutions and tools for product development that could help the client gain an upper hand in the market.

With the use of wise approaches to establishing collaboration with the client, we managed to present the final product ahead of schedule and successfully realize the following features:

  • Write 2e2 and unit tests on the basis of Cypress and Jest;
  • Intuitive end-user interface based on figma design;
  • Cypress-based testing screenshots;
  • Quality app adaptation to its mobile version;
  • In-depth product testing, thereby, ensuring the client’s data security.
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At the deployment stage, the product complied with the client’s requirements. Due to the use of the cutting-edge tech stack and unconventional development solutions, the product ended up embedded with the following features:

  • Financial analytics widget;
  • Financial analytics page;
  • Solid e2e tests;
  • Performed test screenshots;
  • Functionality for creating automatic payments and templates.
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