Mobile Application for Personalized Banking Services

Secure, fast, and agile personal finance manager.

Personalized Banking Services


Develop cutting-edge personal finance management software for the banking institution clients.


Integrate the latest fintech solutions and build an engaging intuitive mobile app interface.

Tech stack

React, React Native, Redux, Typescript, Cypress, React testing library.


Our client is a well-established Western European commercial bank with a decades-long history of providing individuals and legal entities with multifaceted banking and financial services. The streamlined evolution of fintech induced our partner to look for ways of modernizing their approach to improving the level of customer satisfaction. Following the new strategy, our client decided to actively incorporate digital philosophy into its client-oriented operations and develop a high-quality fintech solution in the form of a mobile personal finance management app.

Banking services result


Modsen team has been developing fintech solutions for banking and financial institutions for 5+ years. Over this time, we accumulated enough skill and knowledge to ensure the high velocity and top-tier quality of the financial products we develop. However, there’s no one-fits-all solution even for projects of the same kind. This time our team had to build a financial app that would encompass:

  • versatile financial analytics widgets and regular reports
  • automatic payments and templates
  • smart advertisement of the banking offers and programs based on personal requirements
  • expenses tracker
  • financial goals tracker

The majority of banks and financial companies go for custom mobile app development when it comes to boosting their digital business strategies. According to the statistics, 6 out of 10 consumers prefer using banking apps to utilizing websites for greater safety and efficiency. As more gen-Z enter the financial market, where 97% of millennials already make active use of fintech mobile apps, we are soon bound to witness the absolute banking mobile app triumph.



developer engineers


QA testers


UI/UX designer


Project manager

Banking services team

Development process

Requirements processing:

The abundance of banking mobile apps poses the challenge of getting stuck within the same functional and visual spectrum of ideas implemented by dozens of other banking businesses. We strive to accumulate top-tier fintech project development ideas and incorporate them into your future products to make them truly useful and outstanding. Therefore, during 2 initial requirement gathering meetups, we conducted with our client, our CTO also suggested several cost-effective ideas that could single the app out among other available alternatives.

Team assembly:

The process of compiling a project team is by far the most critical phase as only the right combination of relevant dedicated experts whose skills and experience complement each other can ensure the top-notch results of the development. We always keep the team assembly process open for negotiations and subsequent alterations but the company CTO plays the key role in building the core of the future project team. To build a robust custom finance management app we brought together 5 developer engineers, 2 QA testers, a project manager, and a UI/UX designer.


The efficiency and viability of a finance app fully depend on the layout. Modsen Design Studio specialists conducted profound research on the fintech mobile app market, identified key layout tendencies, and combined them with custom-developed design solutions aimed at adding a unique competitive edge to the product and to the banking institution itself.


Developer engineers and QA testers involved in this case were perfectly versed in the implementation of the project, having specialized in the development of similar multiscale and multitype fintech software solutions. Relevant experience and extensive cutting-edge tech stack including React, React Native, Redux, Typescript, and Cypress, made it possible to reflect all client requirements in a robust, multifunctional, and highly performative mobile application.


Given the size and complexity of the project and its extensive set of features, 3 QA testers were needed to increase the velocity of bug identification and streamline the final phase of the development process.


At the final stage of the development process, we made sure the finance mobile app was successfully integrated into the client’s internal system. It was also the time for final pre-launch app touch-ups where a couple of design-related components were altered.


Fintech mobile app development is a continuous process that requires ongoing support and maintenance of the software to ensure its efficiency and utility for the end user and the bank itself. Our team kept in touch with the client to provide the necessary 3 months-long free-of-charge post-release servicing and updating.


The use of cutting-edge tech stack and implementation of out-of-the-box mobile development solutions helped our client to retain and improve its position in the European banking and finance market.


increase in audience coverage


growth of interest in credit programs offered through the app


increase in business efficiency due to enhanced in-app analytics

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