CRM Software for Food Industry

CRM software
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High-efficient CRM software for the iOS platform that meets the client’s unique business processes.

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Sales automation through a custom mobile app; facilitation and systemization of the sales chain.

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Tech stack

Java Script, React Native, Node JS, Big Data Analytics.


A large international company with affiliates in 30+ countries. The company numbers 15 000 employees and provides food distribution across the world.


While scaling up the business, the client felt the need for improved automation of business processes, more effective workflow logic, and quality analytics of the tasks at each stage of the production process. The Modsen team faced the following tasks:

  • ensure order picking through sales representatives for a specific region and making order transfers to distributors
  • collect information on outlets, sales, and balances at outlets
  • provide a comprehensive sales analytics tool
  • facilitate and systemize the process of the entire sales chain, thousands of sales representatives in numerous countries of the world
  • allow offline access to the app
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The app was built from scratch based on big data analysis and the expertise of the well-versed team handpicked specifically for completing this complex project.

The project lasted for 11 months and was completed within the budget and ahead of deadlines.

We managed to realize all the ideas and help our client take their business to a new level while distributing their products:

  • Sales representatives were able to track visit routes, up-to-date information about the debts of outlets, and the balances in distributors’ warehouses by their phones
  • Collection of orders and data necessary for successful product promotion
  • Automated calculation of the employees’ and counterparties’ KPI right after their visits to an outlet
  • Demonstration of the planned and actual results per day or month; showing the money earned by a sales representative as additional staff motivation and a possibility to increase the performance of the entire company
  • Well-conceived solution architecture and ensuring high speed and system reliability
  • Combining all sales data into a single database and ensuring its analysis with the help of the BI-system
Custom mobile app


Our client first conducted a pilot launch of the CRM system in several countries only. But currently, the app is up and running in all regions of product realization. Investment in the app paid off and was fully justified. The company succeeded in:

  • increasing sales quality control alongside staff motivation
  • increasing sales by more than 40% in some regions with the best indicator – a twofold increase in the reporting period
  • making the sales chain more transparent and easy to control, which contributed to high-quality and efficient task completion
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