App for international payment


Product development for international money transfers and payments.


Prevent errors while authorizing users, fill the app with the necessary functionality, join transfers from different banks.

Tech stack

React, Node.js, React Native, Redux, TypeScript.


Our client, a visionary global platform providing international payment and money transfer services, recognized the evolving needs and expectations of their customers. Despite their existing offerings, the client identified a crucial opportunity to further enhance their services by building a mobile app for international payments that would meet the increasing demand for convenient, secure, and user-friendly solutions.

Mobile app interface


The overall task was to develop a cross-platform payment app for facilitating international financial transactions of various types and levels, while also generating detailed reports to provide valuable insights for users. The client’s specific requirements included the following essential tasks for the qualitative implementation of the project:

Enhancing convenience and mobility

  • streamlining the process of financial transactions to make it as quick and effortless as possible;
  • enabling users to initiate transfers from multiple cards issued by different banks, providing flexibility and convenience.

Clear and simple customer authorization process

  • creating a user-friendly and intuitive authorization process, ensuring a seamless and secure login experience;
  • Implementing clear instructions and guidance to simplify the authentication process for users.

Comprehensive functionality and tools

  • adding a wide range of features and functionalities to empower users in managing their financial transactions effectively;
  • incorporating tools such as transaction history tracking, account balance monitoring, and currency conversion to provide a comprehensive financial management experience.

Reliability and security

  • implementing robust security measures to safeguard customer personal data and sensitive financial information;
  • utilizing encryption and industry-standard security protocols to ensure the highest level of data protection.

User-friendly interface

  • developing an intuitive and visually appealing user interface to enhance usability and ease of navigation;
  • conducting user testing and gathering feedback to refine the interface and optimize the overall user experience.

Comprehensive reporting

  • generating detailed reports that provide valuable insights into users’ financial activities, such as transaction summaries, spending patterns, and expense categorization;
  • presenting the reports in a clear and organized manner to enable users to make informed financial decisions.

By addressing these detailed requirements, the aim was to design and develop a robust, user-centric international payment app that will simplify international financial transactions and empower users with valuable financial management tools and insights.



Project Manager


Business Analyst


Team Lead


Software Developers

Software developer


To tackle this challenge head-on, Modsen team followed a well-defined and meticulous process, ensuring the successful development of the international payment app. Here is a detailed overview of each phase:


Efficiency and results were prioritized from the start, with the swift appointment of a proficient project manager and a diligent business analyst. Clear communication channels, deadlines, and a budget were established to align with the client’s vision. With a shared commitment to success, project timelines and resource allocation were promptly determined. This proactive approach set realistic expectations and established milestones for a smooth transition into subsequent development phases.

Project initiation


Thoroughly understanding the market landscape and target audience was crucial for project success. Modsen experts collected requirements, analyzed the competitive landscape, and gained valuable insights from user reviews and expectations. The gathered information allowed the team to map out the project’s scope and limitations so that the later development steps could be planned accordingly. Throughout the discovery stage, the importance of comprehensive documentation and design was emphasized to guarantee robust groundwork for the project.

Project discovery


During the app creation phase, our skilled mobile app developers for international payments embraced an Agile approach. This methodology enabled the team to deliver high-quality results with precision and adaptability. Key elements of the process included:


To support the development of the mobile cross-platform app, we focused on building a robust infrastructure that would enable seamless implementation and deployment. Considerations taken into account:

  • Development environment

    We set up the required tools and software development kits (SDKs) for cross-platform mobile development, including the installation of React Native framework and its associated dependencies.

  • Version control system

    The implementation of a Git-based version control system facilitated efficient collaboration, code management, and change tracking throughout the development process.

  • Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD)

    To ensure rapid iteration cycles and streamline development workflows, CI/CD pipelines were established for automating build, testing, and deployment processes.

  • Cloud infrastructure

    Leveraging cloud-based services, we created scalable and reliable hosting for backend services, databases, and storage, facilitating efficient management, scalability, and seamless integration with the international payment app.

  • Analytics and monitoring

    We implemented analytics and monitoring tools to track app performance, user behavior, and error reporting, providing valuable insights for optimizing user experience, promptly identifying and resolving issues, and making data-driven decisions for future updates.

  • Security measures

    Robust security measures were prioritized, including data encryption, secure authentication, and access controls, ensuring the protection of user data and compliance with relevant regulations.


Meticulous attention was given to crafting an architecture design that seamlessly integrated the desired features, ensuring optimal performance and an exceptional user experience. Leveraging the project’s tech stack, the architecture design encompassed the following key elements:

  • Component-based architecture with React Native

    We adopted a component-based architecture using React Native, a popular framework for building cross-platform mobile apps. This approach allowed for code reuse, faster development, and consistent UI across iOS and Android platforms

  • Node.js backend

    The app’s backend was designed using Node.js, a scalable and lightweight runtime environment, empowering efficient handling of server-side logic, seamless integration with front-end components, and easy deployment.

  • Redux for state management

    Redux was implemented as a predictable state container to efficiently manage the state across the international payment app. This implementation allowed for centralized storage and seamless synchronization of data between different components, resulting in a smooth and responsive user experience.

  • TypeScript

    To enhance code quality and maintainability, we leveraged TypeScript, a statically-typed superset of JavaScript. TypeScript enabled us to catch potential errors during development and provided better tooling support, resulting in more robust and reliable code.

  • API integration

    We developed a well-defined API to facilitate communication between the frontend and backend systems. The API was designed with RESTful principles and adhered to industry best practices for data exchange, authentication, and security.

  • Scalable database with data modeling

    Meticulous consideration was given to selecting an appropriate database technology for storing and retrieving app data. Efficient data models were presented, taking into account the specific requirements of fintech app development, to guarantee optimal performance and scalability.

  • Performance optimization

    Various techniques, such as code minification, caching, and lazy loading, were employed to optimize the app’s performance. This resulted in faster load times, improved responsiveness, and a seamless user experience.

  • Security and authentication

    Robust security measures were implemented to protect user data and ensure secure access, including the implementation of secure communication protocols (e.g., SSL/ TLS), user authentication mechanisms, and authorization checks. By carefully designing the architecture with the selected tech stack, we established a solid foundation for international payment software development. The chosen tech stack equipped us with the necessary tools and frameworks to create a performant, scalable, and secure mobile cross-platform app.

  • Solution Architecture

    App architecture

Code implementation

Following an Agile Scrum approach, we divided the development process into two-week sprints, allowing for iterative enhancements and continuous delivery. Our dedicated developers skillfully implemented the code, aligning it closely with the identified requirements.

Quality Assurance

Quality is of paramount importance to Modsen. Simultaneously with the development process, our diligent QA team conducted rigorous testing and stabilization activities. This ensured that the app’s performance was optimal while adhering to the highest industry standards.


The deployment process followed an iterative approach, where we carefully released the app piece by piece. The method empowered the team to provide seamless integration and compatibility while addressing any potential issues proactively. By deploying specific components incrementally, our experts were able to gather valuable user feedback and fine-tune the software’s performance along the way. Modsen’s deployment strategy helped optimize functionality and deliver a robust international payment app that surpassed expectations.


Within the Agile Scrum framework, the team regularly organized demos to showcase the product’s progress to our client. This allowed for valuable feedback and enabled us to make any necessary adjustments promptly.

Third-party audit

To guarantee top-notch security and technical compliance, Modsen subjected the solution to thorough third-party audits. These audits provided essential certifications and further reassured the team and the client of the software’s robustness.

Acceptance testing

The final stage involved comprehensive acceptance testing conducted by our client. Their invaluable feedback and validation guaranteed that the mobile app for international payments met their expectations and aligned perfectly with their requirements.

Fintech app


As we approached the closing stage, our focus shifted towards providing a seamless transition into production. Modsen’s team finalized the code, diligently prepared both technical and business documentation, and created a comprehensive user guide. The outcome was a smooth onboarding experience that empowered users to make the most of the software’s capabilities.


The culmination of this meticulous development effort is a cutting-edge mobile app for international payments that seamlessly combines innovative features, robust security, and user-friendly functionality. With the solution, the client has set a new standard for international payments and financial management, empowering users to take control of their finances with ease and confidence. The result? An unparalleled user experience with a range of innovative features:

Seamless card integration

Seamless card integration

We seamlessly integrated multiple cards from different banks, providing users with a unified platform for managing their finances.

Customizable interface

Customizable interface

The app offers a highly customizable interface, empowering users to personalize the solution’s look and feel according to their preferences.

Effortless currency transfers

Effortless currency transfers

Users can effortlessly transfer funds in various currencies, streamlining international transactions with ease.

Universal payment system compatibility

Universal payment system compatibility

The app is compatible with all major payment systems, ensuring smooth and hassle-free transactions.

Unmatched functionality

Unmatched functionality

With a wide array of features and capabilities, the solution offers unparalleled functionality and versatility on both iOS and Android platforms.

Uncompromising security

Uncompromising security

We prioritized the implementation of robust security measures to safeguard user data and protect against potential threats, guaranteeing peace of mind.

Seamless transaction tracking

Seamless transaction tracking

Users can easily access and review their transaction history, empowering them to stay informed and in control of their financial activities.

Simplified authentication

Simplified authentication

This mobile app for international payments offers a user-friendly authentication process, including options such as social media account integration and phone number verification.

Streamlined card management

Streamlined card management

Adding cards to the app is a breeze, thanks to our intuitive card scanning feature that eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Insightful financial reports

Insightful financial reports

Users can leverage the solution’s comprehensive reporting capabilities, gaining valuable insights into their financial activities and making informed decisions.

Fintech app development


The successful implementation of this project has yielded significant achievements, as confirmed by our satisfied client. Here are the measurable outcomes resulting from the implementation of their new product developed by Modsen:

  • Increased user base and enhanced loyalty

    Our client experienced a remarkable 50% increase in their user base within the first three months of launching the app. Additionally, positive customer reviews on mobile platforms surged by 80%, demonstrating the solution’s appeal and its ability to foster user loyalty.

  • Boosted money transfers

    The average number of money transfers per user saw a significant boost of 35%, indicating the app’s effectiveness in facilitating seamless financial transactions and encouraging users to utilize it for their transfer needs.

  • Reduced transaction time

    The solution streamlined the process of financial transactions, resulting in an impressive 55% reduction in transaction time for users. This efficiency improvement saves users valuable time, enabling them to complete transactions quickly and enjoy a smoother user experience.

  • Improved user behavior

    The qualitative indicators of user behavior revealed a remarkable shift, with 70% of users engaging with additional features and functionalities provided by the international payment app, which demonstrates that its offerings resonated well with customers, enhancing user experience and increasing user satisfaction. These quantifiable outcomes validate the success of our project, demonstrating the significant impact the solution has had on international transactions. We are proud to have delivered a mobile application that not only meets our client’s needs but also exceeds their expectations, driving growth and increasing customer loyalty.

User base
Positive reviews
Money transfers per user
Transaction time reduction
User engagement with features

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