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As a team of designers, we were tasked with creating a visually stunning and user-friendly design for a new cryptocurrency application.

Our goal was to create a design that would be both visually appealing and functional, providing users with an intuitive interface that would make it easy to manage their assets and stay up to date with the latest financial market trends.

Scope of work:

  1. User research
  2. Wireframing
  3. UI Design
  4. Testing


  1. Figma
  2. After Effects
Crypto calculatorSphere
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Must have features:

The key task was to develop a mobile solution that would help our client achieve their business goals.

Multi currency supportMulti currency support
Two-factor authenticationTwo-factor authentication
Buy, sell, swap and store tokensBuy, sell, swap and store tokens
Explore blockchain appsExplore blockchain apps

non-fungible tokens

Enable users to create, buy, sell, and trade NFTs, providing a platform for the exchange of unique digital assets on a blockchain.

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The Toolkit

Acala NetworkAcala Network
Aidos KuneenAidos Kuneen
Coin DeskCoin Desk
Coin TigerCoin Tiger
Ethereum ClassicEthereum Classic


Our team conducted in-depth research among active users of cryptocurrency products, to understand if the apps presented in the market fully cater to the needs and requirements of the target audience.

We asked users to evaluate their experience of employing cryptocurrency products and got the following answers.

  1. “The product could be better”
  2. “Fully satisfied with the product”
  3. “Satisfied but there’s room for improvement”
User Research


Wireframes are an important part of the design process for any application, including cryptocurrency apps.

When designing wireframes for a cryptocurrency app, it is important to keep in mind the needs of both novice and experienced cryptocurrency users. We designed an app accessible and easy to use for beginners, while still offering advanced features and functionality for more experienced traders.


Throughout the design process, we conducted usability testing to ensure that the application was easy to use and navigate. We also made sure to adhere to best practices in terms of accessibility and responsiveness, ensuring that the application would be accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their devices or abilities.

  1. Functional Testing:

    This type of testing checks that the app's functions and features are working as intended. For example, testing that transactions are processed correctly, and balances are updated accurately.

  2. Security Testing:

    Cryptocurrency apps must be secure to prevent theft and fraud. Security testing involves checking that the app's security features are working correctly, and that there are no vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

  3. Performance Testing:

    This type of testing checks how well the app performs under different conditions. For example, testing how many transactions the app can handle before becoming slow or unresponsive.

  4. Usability Testing:

    Testing the app's user interface and user experience is important to ensure that the app is easy to use and navigate. This involves testing the app with real users to see how they interact with it and identify any areas that may need improvement.

  5. Compatibility Testing:

    Cryptocurrency apps may be used on different platforms, such as mobile devices or desktop computers. Compatibility testing ensures that the app works correctly on different devices and operating systems.


Next, we focused on creating the home screen, which would be the first point of contact for users. We designed a layout that provided users with an overview of their profile and the latest market information, including current prices and trends. We also included a news section to keep users informed about the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market.

UI designUI design


  • An intuitive and visually appealing user interface that delivers a positive user experience.
  • Simple and intuitive layout that displayed the user's assets in an easy-to-understand format.
  • We also made sure to adhere to best practices in terms of accessibility and responsiveness, ensuring that the application would be accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their devices or abilities.


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