A robust web-based application for hiring the legal industry professionals.

 Lawyer and legal platform Lawyer and legal platform


Develop a platform for individual lawyers and legal service providers to get matched.


Build a custom webbased application for swift lawyer search and recruitment.

Tech stack

Angular, NgRx, Typescript, SCSS, Angular Material, Node, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, Docker.


Our client is a leading legal services provider in the United States, specializing in offering comprehensive tech solutions to individual lawyers and legal service companies. With a vision to modernize their services and create a platform that would connect professional lawyers and consultants with potential employers, our partner sought the experience of expert legal software engineers at Modsen.

Legal platform interface


The legal services industry has been undergoing a major digital transformation, opening up new promising opportunities and discovering unoccupied niches. Our partner decided to harness the power of lawtech to create a custom web platform that would:

  • Offer an extensive database of certified legal professionals to choose from.
  • Allow lawyers to get in touch with legal services providers in search of work.
  • Allow legal companies to view lawyer profiles and chat within the platform.
  • Enable in-app payments.
  • Offer premium features for advanced platform users.
  • Upgrade user profiles for better visibility.

Modsen professionals have been providing legal tech development services for 5+ years, which enabled our team to respond to our client’s challenge promptly, delving into the case within 7 days since the cooperation inquiry was received.



Full-stack engineers


UI/UX specialists


QA testers


Project Manager



Modsen team

Development process

Requirements gathering and processing

In the legal services industry, precision is paramount. Our initial step involved conducting comprehensive online consultations with the business owner and legal experts to gather requirements and gain a profound understanding of the specific needs, nuances, and challenges prevalent in the US legal domain. The insights garnered during 2 meetups were meticulously documented, laying the foundation for a clear and comprehensive project roadmap. This process ensured that every aspect of the platform development aligned with the unique requirements and objectives set forth by our client.


Proper planning is the unwavering cornerstone of our strategy to achieve project development successes over and over again. We embraced Agile methodologies to craft a detailed projectplan that delineated the scope of work, precise timelines, key milestones, and the allocation of resources. This stage resulted in the development of a well-defined roadmap that served as our guiding compass throughout the development journey. As soon as the client approved the blueprint, the next crucial phase unfolded.

Team assembly

Hiring experienced lawtech developers for the project was pivotal for our partner. To tackle the complex challenges of legal app development, our CTO handpicked professionals who possessed not only technical expertise but also an in-depth understanding of the legal software landscape. The client was also welcome to actively participate in the selection process to guarantee that each team member brought the required skills and domain knowledge to the table.


The coding phase marked the moment of full realization of our vision for a modern, robust, and highly functional lawyer recruitment platform. Modsen team of expert legal software developers harnessed the power of the finest tools and frameworks coupled with their extensive expertise in crafting similar lawtech solutions. Several months of dedicated cohesive work resulted in the development of a custom web application that did not only meet the requirements put forward by the client but also exhibited the scalability necessary to accommodate future software expansion.

Comprehensive testing

Impeccable quality assurance has always been one of the benchmarks of Modsen software development. Our experienced QA specialists built several test scenarios and conducted functional, security, compatibility, and usability tests, among others, to make sure every line of code reached its purpose. Any issues that surfaced during this stage were documented and promptly fixed by the engineers’ team.


The seamless integration of the new platform into our client's existing systems was an intricate process that had to be handled by the project team to ensure a smooth transition for our client's operations. Apart from handing over the software and respective documentation, we also provided comprehensive user guidelines, ensuring that the platform will be used at its full capacity. This phase Commented [AV4]: ссылка на Design Studio Commented [AV5]: ссылка на QA represented the final piece of the puzzle, cementing the app’s place within our partner’s workflow.

Servicing and further cooperation

One of the many aspects that differentiate top lawtech solutions providers is their commitment that extends far beyond the product launch. At Modsen, we’ve adopted a long-term partnership approach, offering ongoing support and maintenance to each of our clients. This proactive strategy helped us swiftly address emerging issues, implement timely platform improvements, and launch updates. Our enduring partnership has resulted in the continuous evolution and scaling of the application to meet the dynamic demands of the legal industry, establishing it as a transformative force in the legal services landscape.


The task presented to Modsen team by our client was challenging and required considerable domain experience, dedication, and creativity for crafting the oneof-a-kind lawtech solution. Collaboration with our expert team helped our partner bring significant improvements to legal service delivery, making our product a game-changer in the US legal domain


registered platform users within 3 months


of users with the premium subscription after 3 months


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