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Delivery application
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Build a web portal to streamline the work of couriers.

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Develop a custom .NET-based mobile application.

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Tech stack

.NET,React-Native, Objective-C


Our client is a European courier company that specializes in delivering a wide range of items across the country.


The client faced the need to develop a platform that would allow courier companies to sign up and place their orders. Couriers, in their turn, would use a separate app to track available requests. Meanwhile, the lead company (which is our client) could track the status of all the orders and monitor their fulfillment process. The client also highlighted the need for developing the following app features:

  • cross-platform app development for iOS and Android
  • intuitive interface for convenient user navigation at all levels
  • geolocation detection during order fulfillment
  • incorporation of other essential order filters when choosing a task by a courier
  • reducing delivery-related paperwork and incorporating an e-signature feature
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Our team managed to develop the required app functionality that will enable fruitful cooperation between courier companies and their clients. Our <Link href="/develop-your-product">expertise in developing</Link> closely related apps allowed us to timely present the following results:

  • high-performance .NET-based application and refusal of Phone Gap usage
  • the possibility of monitoring order fulfillment by both courier staff and customers
  • competent geolocation incorporation with the demonstration of destination radius
  • monitoring routes and access to order history
  • courier service ratings, the option of leaving feedback
  • incorporation of e-signature and tangible paperwork reduction


Together with the client, we managed to finish the project on schedule within the expected budget, and the final product justified its investment costs:

  • the portal managed to unite all large courier companies in the region;
  • increased delivery speed and efficiency thanks to cutting-edge functionality and customers’ feedback;
  • increase in the number of delivery orders during the period under review thanks to the constantly increasing number of portal users;
  • advanced quality of delivery service control.
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