.NET-based Delivery Management App

Robust, multifunctional, and agile software for streamlined logistics.


Build a comprehensive web portal to streamline the work of the delivery service.


Develop a custom platform using cutting-edge .NET tools and technologies.

Tech stack

.NET, React, Objective-C, Java.


Our client is a Central-European company that specializes in delivering a wide range of goods and items across the region.


  • intuitive interface for convenient user navigation at all levels;
  • geolocation detection during order fulfillment;
  • incorporation of essential order filters when choosing a task by a courier;
  • reduction of delivery-related paperwork and incorporation of the e-signature feature;
  • order fulfillment monitoring by all the parties involved;
  • route monitoring and order history access;
  • courier service ratings;
  • feedback option.
Our dedicated .NET development team has an extensive experience in delivery management software building which allows us to cut product development time and enhance the performance of the app by integrating top-tier tech solutions along the way.


.NET engineers
QA testers
UI/UX designer
Business analyst
Modsen team

1 Requirements processing

The development of custom software solutions always starts with a profound research of the focus industry followed by several in-depth consultations with the client to avoid any misinterpretations. In this case, we’ve conducted 3 pre-development online meetups. Apart from substantial consultations, we were constantly in touch with the client to be able to run the process smoothly and transparently.
App requirements processing

2 Team assembly

Our partners benefit from the hands-on team selection process guided by the CTO, perfectly aware of the qualifications and relevant experience of each Modsen expert. The development of the delivery management software required the assembly of a team encompassing 3 .NET engineers, 2 QA testers, 1 UI/UX designer, and 1 BA. All the professionals involved had 5+ years of experience in delivering similar projects.
Development team assembly

3 Design

To ensure tangible enhancement of the delivery management process, we created a user-friendly, navigable interface without complexing it with tons of features, reducing their scope to the most important and usable ones. The UI/UX designer on the project team did a great job building a visually appealing and stylish front-end that combined efficiency, ease of use, and responsiveness.
UI/UX design


The central part of any software development process is coding which ensures the smooth functioning of the front-end. We decided to build the product around .NET technology, using React, Objective-C, and Java alongside. Having built a couple of similar software solutions, our developer engineers didn’t meet any significant obstacles on their way to building a robust, multifunctional delivery management system.


At this point of the development process, QA testers stepped in to identify any bugs that might have appeared during the previous phase. Testing requires quite a bit of time and expertise to ensure issue-free app performance.


The integration phase allows both parties to assess the final results and make the necessary touch-ups before the launch. In fact, the majority of alterations are usually made after the application is released as users will identify new points of growth as well as previously invisible system flaws.


Custom software development is far from being a build-once-and-forget solution. It needs to evolve to reflect the changes within the company and the market. That’s why our team considers it as a continuous ongoing process and delivers post-launch servicing to every project we’ve put our hands to.

Delivery management app interface


Together with the client, we managed to launch the project on time within the expected budget. The delivery management system fully justified its investment costs by augmenting the key company performance indicators.


delivery speed growth


increase in the amount of placed delivery orders


client base expansion

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