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Design 991 is an e-learning platform built for designers.

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Design 991 is a marketplace offering online courses on UI, UX, marketing design, and a variety of other topics created by practicing industry professionals.

Its key advantage lies in enabling users to chat, send their works to get reviews from experienced mentors, and share design ideas with other enthusiasts.

We started the project by conducting research to understand the needs and preferences of the target audience. We also looked at existing e-learning platforms to identify design patterns and best practices. Based on this research, we developed a visual design concept that focused on simplicity, clarity, and consistency.

scope of work:

  1. User research
  2. UI/uX
  3. Wireframing
  4. App mapping
  5. Visual Design


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user research:

We interviewed several active e-learning platform users to identify the motivation, expectations, and issues they face while utilizing design learning and teaching apps. Here are the most popular answers.

Kiryl, Product Designer

Kiryl, 31

Product Designer


Improve own skills, start a new course in marketing


Feedback, new designer community, mentoring


Unclear course structure, feedback

Anita, Freelancer

Anita, 25



Get an offer in a design studio


Mentoring, courses for UI/UX design, chat


Searching for the specific materials is time-consuming

Lenar, Graphic Designer

Lenar, 27

Graphic Designer


Start a new course in 3D design


New designer community, mentoring


Can’t choose the best course, had not conversations with other 3D designers

Ramil, Art Director

Ramil, 38

Art Director


A lot of free time, wants to teach people design


Big group of students, chat, feedback


Lack of a platform where you can train students of various type of design


We built several app wireframes for the basic visual representation of its structure, layout, and functionality to allow designers, developers, and the client to visualize the application’s interface before the development process begins.

Wireframes provided a simple and approximate image of the future e-learning platform outlook, features, navigation, and content placement. They focused primarily on the functionality and UX, not on the visual design. When creating the wireframes, we used paper sketches and Figma.

Multimedia mobile
Login and sign up mobile
Menus mobile
Multimedia mobile
Multimedia mobile
Social mobile
Blogs mobile
Blogs mobile
Blogs mobile
Blogs mobile

Visual design:

We paid special attention to the visual hierarchy of the app, using various design elements to indicate the importance of different pieces of content.

For example, we used larger headings to introduce new topics and smaller subheadings to break down big sections of text. To reinforce key concepts and add visual attractiveness, we also inserted images and icons.

Accessibility was another important consideration in our design process. We made sure that the application was easy to navigate and use for all users, regardless of their abilities. This included using high-contrast colors, providing alt text for images, and choosing typography that was easy to read for users with visual impairments.


The client was thrilled with the final design of the e-courses application. The visual design helped to create an engaging and intuitive user experience that kept learners motivated and focused throughout the course. Feedback from users also indicated that they found the application easy to use and navigate.

The visual design helped us create an engaging and intuitive platform that kept learners motivated and focused throughout the course. The user feedback we received proved that the app was easy to use and navigate.

The design solution implemented by our team allowed the client to create a consistent visual brand identity that was successfully integrated across the rest of their e-learning platforms.


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