Robust and functional workspace reservation system.

Web-based booking desk platformWeb-based booking desk platform


Optimization of workspace booking process due to the pandemic-related shift.


Development of a responsive real-time desk reservation web platform for efficient desk booking. 

Tech stack

React, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, Microsoft Azure, Docker, Cypress.


Our client is a leading co-working space provider, operating numerous locations across the United States. With the evolving workplace trends and growing demand for flexible office arrangements, our partner sought to enhance their services by offering their users an online desk booking web platform. To achieve this, they decided to contact Modsen as an experienced booking app development service provider, and hire engineers for desk reservation web application building.


The challenge presented to our team was twofold. Firstly, the client needed a custom web-based desk booking application that could seamlessly integrate with their existing office management systems and allow users to reserve desks, meeting rooms, and other office amenities effortlessly. Secondly, they aimed to launch this platform swiftly to meet the rising demand for flexible workspace solutions.



Full-stack Developers


UX/UI Designers


QA Testers







Modsen engineer

Development process

  • Requirements gathering and processing

    The initial cooperation phase consisted of 3 extensive consultations with our client to understand key project requirements, objectives, and resources available. Our business analyst worked closely with the client's team to define the scope of work, detailing features like desk reservation, amenity booking, user profiles, and integration capabilities.

  • Planning

    Having all the requirements gathered and documented, our team proceeded with the planning – the cornerstone of every project's success. We meticulously outlined each phase of the development process, allocating resources, setting milestones, and establishing a clear timeline. Given the tight deadlines imposed by the client's need for a rapid launch, the importance of a well-thought-through blueprint could hardly be overestimated.

  • Team assembly

    To ensure the success of every project that comes to our hands, we cherrypick engineers with the most relevant domain expertise and extensive knowledge base. To build a tailored desk booking system, our CTO selected a team of full-stack web developers with previous background in Proptech. Having undergone internal tests and tech interviews with the client, custom desk booking app experts got down to code-cracking.

  • Design

    Modsen Design Studio team ideated a navigable and sleek-looking user interface for the web platform. To achieve that, our UI/UX specialists adhered to the following action plan:

    • Conducting UX research
    • Crafting a UX strategy
    • Creating wireframes
    • Developing visual designs
    • Testing a functional prototype
  • Coding

    Our developers utilized the latest web technologies and frameworks to build a robust and scalable custom office space reservation system. Seamless communication and collective troubleshooting ensured that any challenges were swiftly addressed, without influencing deadlines and previously allocated resources.

  • Comprehensive testing

    Impeccable quality assurance was integral to our development process. Our project team QA testers meticulously identified test scenarios, set up the testing environment, and implemented test cases, analyzing the outcomes. Testing phases included functional, localization, security, compatibility, performance, and usability tests, which highlighted any bugs to be fixed by the developer team.

  • Integration

    During the integration phase, Modsen experts seamlessly incorporated the desk booking web application into the client's existing infrastructure. This required a deep understanding of our partner's internal systems and great attention to detail. Cohesive cooperation with the client’s team ensured a smooth software transition, enhancing the overall efficiency of the platform.

  • Servicing and further cooperation

    At our company, we believe in fostering long-term partnerships. Having transferred the web desk booking platform, technical documentation, and user guidelines to our partner, we continued to support the product after the successful launch, offering assistance, updates, and improvements to the web application.


Web platform interface

Modsen-developed web-based booking solution provided the app users with a means of reducing workspace costs and managing the team performance according to their needs with regard to pandemic requirements, while adding a major competitive advantage to our client’s business during the global crisis time.

7 months

Estimated ROI period


New platform users in 5 months


Rating of the desk-booking online web platform in the USA

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