Robust and scalable farm data analytics solution.

data-management-softwareData management software


Inability to qualitatively scale the farming business due to manual data processing and storing.


A sustainable agriculture data management software system for collecting, analyzing, and monitoring the existing farm data.

Tech stack

Cloud, React, Java, IoT, Python, PostgreSQL, Apache Hadoop, Angular, AWS.


Our client is a prominent agricultural holding based in the United States, specializing in large-scale crop cultivation and livestock farming. The business has 5 fully functioning farms across the East Coast. In a rapidly evolving agricultural landscape, they recognized the need for advanced agricultural data management software to streamline their operations, improve crop yields, and enhance overall farm efficiency. 

Data management software interface


At a certain point in their development, our client faced major constraints in business scaling. The amount of produce-related data grew, making its collection, processing, and analysis more complex without the use of a single scalable farm data system. The client sought a robust data management solution that could handle vast quantities of data from various sources, including weather stations, IoT sensors, and machinery. The software had to provide real-time insights for decision-making, optimize resource allocation, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Modsen's team of data management experts took on the challenge which implied:

  • Integration of real-time data streams.
  • Remote task assignment and control.
  • Building app functionality for all workflow participants.
  • Quick access to required data with accurate indicators and calculations.
  • Custom analytics and reporting.
  • Ensuring the system scalability and future-proofing.



Software Engineers


Data Scientists


QA testers


UI/UX designers


Business Analyst


Project Manager

Modsen team

Development process

Requirements gathering and processing

To ensure a successful and streamlined agriculture software development project launch we started off by scheduling 3 online meetings with the business owner and key farming specialists to collect detailed project requirements and understand the scope of upcoming work. Through consultations with the client's team, we gained a better picture of their challenges and objectives expected to be realized by our team. This critical stage laid the groundwork for a seamless development process and resulted in the drafting of a comprehensive document outlining all the project requirements.


Planning stands at the core of our development process. When building an all-encompassing work blueprint, we employed Agile methodologies and leveraged our extensive experience in AgTech. The plan defined the required resources, project timelines, milestones, and responsibilities of each specialist involved. Collaboration with the client at this stage was crucial, so we conducted a couple of additional online consultations to refine the roadmap until it was approved by both sides.

Team assembly

To meet the client's ambitious project goals, it was key to compile a team of highly skilled professionals with relevant expertise in data management solutions for the agricultural sector. At Modsen, the team assembly process is headed by the CTO who selects a list of the most suitable candidates, conducts internal interviews, and makes the final decision followed by the client’s approval or request for additional interviews with the future project team.


During the development of the farm data management software, our objective was to design an intuitive, visually appealing, and user-friendly solution tailored to the needs of the agricultural industry. Modsen Design Studio's UI/UX experts dedicated over 130 hours to creating more than 35 screens with well-thought-through layouts for convenient and mess-free data management operations. The designing process encompassed UX research, strategy development, wireframing, visual design, and prototype testing. The final software look and feel was a result of a collaborative effort that combined creativity, functionality, and responsiveness.

Software engineering

Modsen company’s hallmark is the development of safe, scalable, and innovative software products whose performance raises no questions. To create another impeccable AgTech solution, the chosen developer engineers, with over six years of experience in data management and a track record in building smart farming applications, utilized advanced technologies and tools to meet and exceed the client’s requirements. The team of 5 developer engineers worked cohesively, maintaining transparent communication to instantly address any emerging challenges.

Comprehensive testing

Our comprehensive testing cycle included the identification of test scenarios, configuring the test environment, implementing test cases, analyzing results, and conducting thorough retesting. We executed a wide range of tests to guarantee the highest quality of the product: functional, localization, security, compatibility, performance, and usability tests were all part of this cycle leading to prompt bug fixing and final retesting.


As we approached the final stages of the project, our team prepared detailed technical documentation and created user guidelines for the client and their employees. Modsen project experts assisted our partner with the seamless integration of the software into their existing system. This included deployment, capacity assessment, and the identification of opportunities for further enhancements.

Servicing and further cooperation

Our commitment to long-term partnerships is exemplified in the attention we pay to the servicing and cooperation phase. At Modsen, we believe in building lasting business relationships for mutual benefit. Even after the product launch, we remain engaged in the software lifecycle to provide required support during emergencies or to facilitate app improvements upon necessity. Our partnership with the agricultural holding extends over several years, with the agricultural data management software experiencing updates and enhancements. This ongoing cooperation has significantly contributed to the client's business efficiency, strengthening our belief in the value of enduring collaborations.



The agritech software development project was launched successfully and paved the way for long-term cooperation with our partner who has a stable demand for business scaling and elaboration of the developed application.

The agriculture data software allowed our client to:

  • Improve performance in all areas due to accessibility, accuracy, and quality data analytics.
  • Expand the functionality of services and launch an effective process of the agricultural holding scaling.
  • Exceed the existing plans on business indicators, increasing the company’s revenue over the reporting period.

The developed data management software empowered the agricultural holding to make data-driven decisions, resulting in optimized crop yields, resource allocation, and compliance with industry regulations. It became a cornerstone of their operations, ensuring efficiency, scalability, and sustainable farming practices.


Streamlined data management operations


Data management errors


Increase in production efficiency

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