Custom Fashion E-commerce Platform

Robust, secure, and user-friendly app for unmatched online shopping experiences.

E-commerce platform


Build a unique custom e-commerce platform from scratch.


Development of a highly performative, functional, and visually appealing app.


React, React Styled Components, Graphql, Webpack, Redux, Stripe, TypeScript.


Our client is a well-established British retail company that deals with selling multi-brand apparel and accessories.


The idea of leveraging the potential of e-commerce induced our partner to turn to us with an idea for the development of a competitive online shopping platform to provide their customers with a wide range of high-quality brands sold under one roof.

Our team was tasked with end-to-end software development which included the implementation of the following features:

  • a fully functional personal customer account;
  • embedded payment systems;
  • incorporated third-party delivery services;
  • bonus and discount management;
  • connection to inventory accounting platforms;
  • analytical tools.
  • E-commerce apps should be agile and easily scalable to cater to the growing number of brands represented on the platform. That’s why we had to employ the most powerful and at the same time flexible development frameworks and tools to ensure smooth app scaling, unlimited feature integration, and fast processing of increasing load.

Development process

Requirements processing:

To ensure top-tier development results we conducted several consultations with the client to understand the scope of their needs and wants and to be able to draft up a clear e-commerce platform-building strategy, avoid misinterpretations, and launch the product within the timeframe.

Team assembly:

After we had a clear picture of the impending work process, our CTO hand-selected the project team consisting of senior-level React engineers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, and BAs. Before getting down to work, the client asked to hold an interview with the team to make sure the selection was accurate.


Having 7+ years of React development experience, the team of engineers built the back-end using the latest available tools and frameworks to make sure the platform would be powerful enough to handle large customer loads, display high-quality graphic content, and perform an array of other crucial operations. Besides, our team employed the most effective solutions for rock-solid app security as the platform was handling lots of personal customer data.


The success of the final product is always determined by the efficiency of the testing phase. At this stage, our QA engineers run the e-commerce app to identify any bugs and imperfections and solve them before the final launch to provide the client with an impeccable robust product.


The final step of the software development process was to present the platform to the client and make some minor alterations based on their feedback. As soon as the work was accepted, the e-commerce platform was launched.


A couple of months after the launch, the client needed to add several features and make some adjustments to the front-end as their e-commerce business was evolving. Our team provided the required support and made suggestions regarding possible future platform alterations.


As a result of our cooperation, the client received a powerful, secure, and visually attractive e-commerce platform ready to cater to thousands of customers and accommodate hundreds of fashion brands.


Active platform users


Increase in order frequency in the 1st quarter of 2023


Turnover growth in 2022

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