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A pressing need for resource-efficient mobile app back-end development, while internal specialists are allocated to other projects.


Incorporating a Modsen full-stack engineer to ensure success in web app, mobile back-end, and Swagger docs.

Tech stack

Next.js, Nest.js, Swagger.

Business vertical

Business vertical

Project team size

Client team size

3 specialists

Cooperation period

Cooperation period

Ongoing since June 2023

Modsen resources

Modsen resources

1 full-stack engineer


One of Europe’s leading hotel networks based in Germany. The client unites eight different hotel brands in their business. The hotel portfolio spans 19 countries worldwide, with our client owning over 160 hotels.

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Project scope

The primary challenge for our hotel industry client, when they addressed Modsen, was a complete overhaul of the server component in their existing product. This involved reimagining the product’s logic, enhancing and automating current processes, all while accommodating rapid scaling and significant shifts in the client’s business landscape. The complexity of the problem was compounded by the urgent need for a resource-efficient solution, leading us to bring a Modsen full-stack developer for mobile back-end development on board on board. Their tasks encompassed:

  • Timely creation of new endpoints.
  • Implementation of essential edits and corrections.
  • Comprehensive error analysis and resolution across all testing phases.
  • Seamless migration from the old back-end to the new infrastructure.
  • Streamlining and optimizing the server application.
  • Implementing enhancements in the email service, including the addition of new features.
  • Incorporating fresh information and logic into the web application.
  • Seamlessly integrating the product with Strapi and other external services.

Cooperation process

Requirements clarification

Upon receiving a request for in-house team augmentation, Modsen’s manager, in collaboration with the CTO, rigorously reviewed the initial project details. It encompassed examining the project’s scope, specific technical requirements, and anticipated outcomes. Subsequently, we diligently prepared for two pre-scheduled online meetings with the client, engaging in substantive discussions to gain a profound understanding of the project’s essence. Meetings allowed us to extract and clarify essential requirements while identifying the expertise needed for impeccable implementation.

Selection of specialists

Modsen prioritizes domain expertise among our outsourced specialists to ensure their contributions to the project are valuable. To meet the client’s needs, the CTO compiled a list of professionals with over three years of experience in similar types of work within the travel and hospitality domain. Additionally, our partner found value in the multilingual capabilities of our developer specialists, which include proficiency in English and German.

In-house testing

To secure partners receive exceptional team augmentation resources, Modsen has implemented a comprehensive system. It begins with a thorough evaluation of both hard and soft skills during the pre-employment assessment stage. Commitment to skill development continues through in-house courses, refining the expertise of our in-house specialists before they join projects. The evaluation process extends to domain-specific testing for each potential outsourced specialist. Clients also have the option to request additional assessments. In this specific case, our German partner provided a brief technical assessment to clarify the tools and technologies the developer would work with and chose not to conduct extra tests, as they found our rigorous internal evaluations more than sufficient to trust the selected Modsen expert with their project.


The client emphasized the need for rapid onboarding of a tech partner for software development to align with the swift pace of software product delivery. Our selected full-stack developer, tasked with introducing new features to a web app, constructing the back-end for a mobile app, and developing Swagger documentation, seamlessly integrated into their in-house team within just 8 days from the moment Modsen received the team augmentation request.

Project execution

Collaborative approach

Upon the integration of our senior-level engineer into the client’s team, the active phase of software platform development commenced. The client underscored collaboration by holding weekly video meetings via Zoom to facilitate project updates and alignment. Real-time interactions were conducted through Slack, streamlining communication. Modsen nurtured an open feedback culture, enabling both the specialist and the client’s team to exchange insights, collectively improving project outcomes.

Collaborative mobile app development approach

Domain expertise

The project significantly benefited from Modsen profound industry-specific knowledge, including.

Hospitality operations expertise: The selected full-stack software developer had a deep understanding of hospitality operations, such as hotel management, guest services, and booking systems. This expertise played a crucial role in designing a backend solution focused on efficiency.

Proficiency in booking and reservation systems: The Modsen developer also demonstrated strong proficiency in developing and integrating hotel booking and reservation systems, providing real-time availability, precise pricing, booking confirmations, and effective management of cancellations and refunds.

Domain expertise

Payment processing skill: We proved to have a strong grasp of secure payment processing, ensuring the secure handling of financial transactions in compliance with German regulations.

Localization and multilingual support: Our specialist tailored the backend to meet the diverse needs of customers in Germany, accommodating language-specific nuances and preferences.

Data privacy and compliance: Moreover, Modsen’s expert showcased their proficiency in data privacy regulations, guaranteeing full compliance with Germany’s stringent data protection laws.

Integration with third-party services: Our expertise extended to seamlessly integrating external services, such as mapping, navigation, and travel APIs, into the backend.

Scalability and performance optimization: Modsen conducted optimization efforts to achieve rapid response times, particularly during peak travel seasons.

User experience focus: We incorporated industry-specific UX principles to ensure a seamless and enjoyable guest journey.

Real-time updates integration: Our full-stack developer enabled real-time updates on factors like flight information, weather, and local events to be seamlessly integrated into the backend.


Throughout the project, the selected full-stack developer at Modsen demonstrated exceptional versatility by navigating diverse technical challenges, collaborating across teams, adapting to changing circumstances, and communicating proficiently in multiple languages. These qualities significantly contributed to the project’s positive outcomes.

Adaptability to technologies: The developer seamlessly transitioned from working on web app features to crafting a robust mobile app backend and Swagger documentation.

Cross-functional collaboration: Our developer actively engaged with cross-functional teams, including the client’s internal team and third-party service providers.

Mobile app development versability

Problem-solving agility: When unexpected challenges arose, the developer displayed remarkable problem-solving agility. They quickly identified issues, proposed innovative solutions, and implemented necessary changes, ensuring project progress remained on track.

Multilingual proficiency: The developer’s proficiency in both English and German played a vital role in bridging communication gaps and facilitating seamless interactions with the client’s team, adding an extra layer of versatility to their skill set.

Responsive to client needs: Our expert remained open to feedback and adjustments, meeting the client’s needs effectively.


To ensure a transparent workflow and efficient execution of the client’s hotel network software overhaul success story, we assigned a personal manager to monitor the augmentation specialist. The manager’s responsibilities included closely tracking the specialist’s daily tasks and hours using our internal employee management system. Additionally, they paid attention to the specialist’s mental well-being to prevent any decrease in efficiency or burnout, which could lead to a decline in project quality.


Upon the client’s request, the developer submitted a weekly report directly to the client. Furthermore, regular demos were conducted to demonstrate the functionality of the implemented solutions. For streamlined project management and enhanced transparency, the client accessed real-time project updates, timelines, and task assignments through Trello, their preferred project management tool, to ensure alignment and efficient communication throughout the project.

HexagonMobile app

Results and outcomes


The core overhaul of the hotel application was successfully completed within the approved timeframe, with no interruptions. The client has since launched its even more comprehensive version, which has yielded impressive results. The project’s key outcomes include.


Swift integration: Both the mobile and server-based apps were seamlessly integrated into the project, achieving production status successfully and adhering to the predefined timelines.

Enhanced user experience: The new app now provides users with additional information, significantly improving the user-friendly check-in process during booking.

Streamlined hotel registration: The project resulted in a more convenient hotel registration process via email, reducing booking times, and subsequently increasing the number of bookings.

Our specialist remains dedicated to continuously evolving the application, updating and enhancing it with new features to secure its ongoing success as a reliable tech partner for software development in the travel and hospitality sector.

4 Weeks

Key app updates implemented.

30% Surge

User satisfaction levels soared.

40% Faster

Booking times reduced significantly.

50% More Bookings

A remarkable increase in reservations.

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