In-House Team Augmentation for Custom App Development

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Lack of the necessary internal expertise for building high-quality software.

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Strengthening a team of in-house developers with our senior-level specialists.

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Tech stack

React,React-Native,Node JS, PHP, WordPress.


Our client is a West-European commercial bank that provides services to juridical and natural persons. Therefore, the bank caters to large companies with high financial turnover, smaller businesses, as well as natural persons.


Our team had to boost the development of complex custom apps that required writing individual code. The in-house developers’ expertise did not allow them to cope with the pipeline of requests for the development of web and mobile apps naturally complex in architecture and logic. The client turned to us to qualitatively augment the available resources by identifying key requirements for the future team:

  • senior-level specialists with the necessary tech stack expertise;
  • adjustment to the work of the client’s time zone;
  • full-scale involvement, and an initiative to find solutions to help speed up the development process and optimize resources for other projects;
  • long-term cooperation with an ambition to the subsequent involvement of the team in other projects;
  • conditions to guarantee top-notch monitoring of team performance on projects.
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The Modsen team provided a wide selection of specialists with the necessary competence in the required tech stack and carried out interviews to fill each position in the client’s team.

Within a couple of days, we formed an external team and offered the client a free trial period of 15 days to make sure of the quality of their choice.

Modsen has provided:

  • 9 senior-level developers on the React, React-Native, Node JS, PHP, and WordPress tech stack;
  • active operation of resources according to the customer’s work schedule;
  • systematic transparent reporting on tasks performed, project KPIs, working hours spent on certain tasks;
  • timely connection of the existing reserve of Modsen developers to additional projects on request;
  • team communication control and application of Scrum methodology on projects.
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The cooperation resulted in one of the most long-term partnerships inour practice. The team has successfully implemented numerous joint projects, achieving:

  • a 70% increase in the client’s permanent staff expertise;
  • the successful implementation of 16 joint projects;
  • tight-knit cooperation, and communication between the two teams.

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