360° lawtech software upgrade.

Legal service app modernization


Optimization of legal service management through refactoring of the existing legacy lawtech software.


Renovation of the outdated app facets and incorporation of advanced lawtech solutions.

Tech stack

React, MobX, TypeScript, Bootstrap, styled-components, Jest, Cypress.


Our client is a leading legal services provider in the Eastern European region, specializing in assisting law firms and legal professionals in streamlining their operations and improving client service. With the growing client base and the need to stay ahead of the industry curve, our partner contacted Modsen in search of experienced legal technology partners to qualitatively upgrade their legacy application.

Legal service app interface


Modsen experts were entrusted with the daunting task of revamping the existing legal software built upon an outdated technology several years ago. The absence of a reliable lawtech solution provider who would have taken proper care of the app’s regular updates and adjustments resulted in sluggish performance, limited functionality, and difficulties in adapting to changing legal industry requirements.

On the mission to modernize the current app and enhance our partner’s business capacity, Modsen team set the following tasks:

  • Extension and optimization of the app’s functionality by leveraging the finest available technologies.
  • Development of an intuitive app interface.
  • Improvement of the app’s speed and responsiveness.
  • Ensuring the software's adaptability to dynamic regulatory shifts.
  • Ensuring swift and secure access to legal documents.

Having a significant background in crafting legal software modernization solutions, our team delved into the project promptly to hasten our client’s way to the new era of legal services provision.



Full-Stack Engineers


UI/UX Specialists


QA testers


Business Analyst


Project Manager

Modsen Engineer

Development process

Requirements gathering and processing

Our journey commenced with a series of extensive consultations with the client, during which our team delved deep into their specific needs, identified pain points, and clarified project goals and objectives. This phase played a pivotal role in establishing the groundwork for the lawtech app refactoring, ensuring that our team possessed a precise comprehension of the client's expectations and possible project pitfalls. At the end of the stage, our BA and PM in conjunction with the CTO and legal industry software experts drafted a comprehensive requirements document encompassing every minor detail our partner intended to see in the future app.


The planning phase was traditionally marked by our meticulous attention to detail as a thoughtfully laid out project plan ensures smooth, cohesive, and hustle-free work of the whole team of professionals. The all-encompassing project blueprint established a realistic timeline, orchestrated the efficient allocation of resources, and served as the linchpin in assuring that the modernization journey would unfold seamlessly and with utmost efficiency.

Team assembly

Experienced legal software developers are rare in the IT market. With that in mind, Modsen as a lawtech solution provider has been gathering a pool of senior-level specialists who are ready to take on any challenge concerning the legal domain. The process of compiling the project team was a critical juncture in our app modernization endeavor. Modsen CTO spearheaded the selection, ensuring that the chosen candidates possessed a wide and varied set of skills and enjoyed relevant experience in crafting similar lawtech solutions. As soon as the preliminary list of potential project engineers was ready, we asked our partner to join the selection process by making the final choice to ensure 100% alignment of the team with the client’s vision.


Our Design Studio experts took the helm conducting extensive UX research to translate the given insights into actionable legal app design strategies. We crafted 30+ wireframes that outlined the new app's structural framework and flow. The designer team introduced visually captivating interface enhancements to elevate the app’s intuitiveness and navigability.


The legal app performance optimization centered around the code development phase. Harnessing the power of React, MobX, and TypeScript, our team of full-stack lawtech engineers embarked on a mission to rebuild the app's architecture and functionality. Our code refactoring endeavors were not limited to immediate client requirements but were crafted with a view to the app's scalability for future growth.

Comprehensive testing

Quality assurance and rigorous app performance examination are the two vital components in ensuring a flawless user experience. Modsen QA professionals executed an exhaustive battery of manual and automated tests, leaving no stone unturned in the quest to rectify any potential bugs and inefficiencies. Such a stringent approach is pivotal in delivering apps poised for peak performance.


To make sure the renewed application would fit seamlessly into the existing client’s workflow, our project team handed the revamped codebase and its documentation over to the partner and provided comprehensive user training, ensuring that the integration process would be as frictionless as possible.

Servicing and further cooperation

The unwavering commitment to long-term partnerships makes us personally responsible for the software we have crafted even after its successful launch. To ensure that, we continued to provide technical support, maintenance, and legal app development consultancy to our client, tackling the arising issues and launching timely updates, reaffirming our dedication to the client's enduring success.

Legal mobile app


The meticulous execution of each phase in our development process resulted in the successful modernization of the legal services app and positioned our client for sustained success in the competitive legal services industry. The positive outcomes noted by our partner 6 months after the launch of the renewed application included:


increase in client retention


reduction in time spent on routine legal processes


of users left positive feedback on the renewed app

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