Legal service app modernization

Legal service app
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Streamline judicial proceedings, fill in corresponding documents, establish the logics of process management.

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Develop and incorporate additional logic into the app, create intuitive app interface, test and improve the current functionality.

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Tech stack

React, MobX, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Jest.


Our client is a European company that provides legal advice to its numerous natural and juridical clients from the region.


The client was facing a paramount challenge of modernizing the current app and revamping the business to provide more efficient and quality services. Thus, the Modsen team was set the following tasks:

  • Uploading documents on PC and working with them, changing metadata, combining and sending documents for checkup
  • Logic addition for polling clients and further result generation
  • Extension and optimization of the app functionality
  • Implementation of a new set of functions to make processes more powerful and agile
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The Modsen team eagerly joined the project from the very first minutes. Thanks to the expertise in the development of analogous apps, to a diligent approach to planning the project, and close interaction with the customer, our specialists managed to provide top-quality solutions:

  • Create intuitive for an end-user app interface with figma-based design
  • Develop robust and mobile components based on React, TypeScript, Storybook, with the prior all-round testing
  • Extend the app functionality: add administrator functions, functions for detailed work with documents and polls, and provide extra possibilities to each user


At the final stage, the client had a top-notch, powerful product that at the very start allowed to:

  • Increase the quality of user experience by more than 2 times;
  • Advance the app functionality and increase the volume of processed data by several times;
  • App agility and structure upgrade have opened the possibility of quick and easy app adaptation for new users.
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